Top 5 Reasons Mike Vick Stinks as an NFL QB!

I am an avid player of fantasy football. I love doing it. This year, one of my keeper leagues switched to an auction style draft and for the most part, it went swimmingly. However, there is still one moment that haunts me to this day. Michael Vick was thrown out and people were bidding on him. I got in a bidding war, but I did not want Vick at all. I was trying to raise the bid up on him so the other player would have to pay more, and therefor have less money for later in the draft. Instead, he stuck me with Vick and I could do nothing about it. Luckily (no pun intended) I also got Andrew Luck. But here are 5 reasons why Mike Vick just is not getting it done:

5. Completion Percentage – The Eagles paid Vick $100 million dollars to be their quarterback, a position that requires the individual to read defensive schemes, react, throw the ball, and lead a team. Basically, the traditional QB gets the ball to his skill players by throwing it. For this, you need to be able to complete passes. Here is the thing, if you make a pass and have say a 60% completion rate, that means on 40% of your plays your team goes no where. You stall. Mike Vick’s completion percentage is at 58.4. That is good enough to be 24th in the NFL. You know who is better? Basically everyone other than Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, Blaine Gabbert, and Mark Sanchez.

4. Turnovers – Mike Vick is a QB. Most people tend to look at his interception numbers. Something that goes with not completing passes is interceptions. Vick has only thrown 6 picks through the first 5 games. That isn’t terrible. But Vick is a special kind of QB…one that relies on his legs for added production. Vick runs the ball a ton. He is, for a QB, surprisingly still good at it. He has ran 32 times for 146 yards this season. However, with that, come fumbles. Vick has coughed up the ball 5 more times running. That leads the league. On Sunday, he fumbled on the one yard line going in for what would be a deciding score in the game against the Steelers. Instead of scoring seven points, the Eagles scored zero and lost by two. If you have a player turn the ball over 11 times in 5 games, all of a sudden you have major issues.

3. Height and Vision – This is not Vick’s fault, but he is short. Sure, so is Drew Brees, but Brees seems to have adapted. Vick consistantly misses plays down field due to being unable to see his players. Where someone like Brees will shift to his right or left to get a better view, Vick tends to take a sack or take off running. Running can lead to yards, but rarely will lead to big, momentum turning plays. And as we have seen, it also leads Vick to fumble %13 of the time. So there is that…

Find Vick in there…No wonder he can’t see Maclin running down field…

2. Teams have Vick figured out – Opposing teams have seem to figure Mike Vick out. The formula seems rather simple. Contain him in the pocket, do not let him run, and make him throw it. Perhaps it is easier said than done…but is it really? Vick has been wildly ineffective. Whenever the Eagles have trusted in Vick, he has been unable to get it done. Vick’s teammate, LeSean McCoy on the other hand, has been so spectacular that he has helped to mask Vick’s struggles. Vick ranks 24th in passer rating, that is 8 spots behind Kevin Kolb, Vick’s old back up. I just do not think teams are afraid of Vick anymore…and you do not need to be afraid of his two talented WR’s in Maclin and Jackson because Vick cannot get the ball to them down-field accurately. You might counter this argument with “Well, the Eagles have three wins” and I would simply say, “They might stay at three wins if they can’t figure out how to move the ball on offense consistently.”

1. Sacks and Hits – Vick is a small guy that tends to run. He will get hit a lot from that. He also plays QB behind a terrible offensive line. He will get hit and sacked from that. When a team takes a sack, the drive they are on effectively ends. It is really hard to make up the lost yardage as well as overcome the momentum shift. Vick has taken 14 sacks this year. That is only the 6th most. Kevin Kolb has taken 22. But sacks can be a number of things; Bad offensive line play (Aaron Rodgers has taken 21 sacks), the inability to make a choice and throw the ball (Blaine Gabbert has taken 16) or your skill players simply cannot break free from coverage and instead of throwing a pick, you take a sack (Sam Bradford of the Rams has taken 15 sacks). But with Vick, it seems like all of these are the case. He is getting crushed back there. Sacks do not tell the whole story either. Vick gets hit more than any other QB in the game. This is because he holds on to the ball to long or immediately thinks to run, but either way he is taking a beating. He has always been injury prone. He has only played in 16 games one time (2006) and if this year continues, he will most likely not make it another 16 games. Good luck to the Eagles this year. I think it might be time to make a change…

Perhaps I am a little bitter about Fantasy Football and being stuck with him…but the Eagles are skating by and need a change. I am not saying one of their back up QB’s is the solution, I am just saying that Mike Vick cannot get it done in this league and is not the answer.

(Perhaps this trifle of an article will get Vick to turn it around!)

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  1. With the beating he’s taking as the Eagles are trying to make him a pocket passer, he’s eventually going to get hurt. They might as well unleash him and let him be the quarterback he was two years ago.

    I also got duped into taking him last year on the one day that my buddy and I play Madden. Pretty much the same result as the real-life Vick.

  2. i hate michael vick stinks

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