The Worst Fantasy Team results!

The results are in. Today, we tried to pick the worst fantasy teams out of people that were starting players. The team with the least amount of points out of their 4 starters (QB, RB, WR, and TE) would be declared the winner. There were 4 players this week, each surprisingly with different teams. The winner this week was Brian Ish, who started Tannehill, Donald Jones, Vick Ballard and Ben Watson. Here are the team point totals:

Brian Ish: 28 points – Way to pick the worst team! You win!

Stu: 34 points – Sanchez only threw for like 80 yards, but 2 touchdowns killed you.

Brandon: 47 points – Better luck next time!

Jeff: 53 points – I am stuck in fantasy purgatory…I can’t seem to pick a winning team and I also can’t seem to pick a losing team.

Start of the week would have been Brian Hartline and Brady Quinn.

I should have started this turd.

If you want to join in with us, check out the site next week when I make the post and then leave your team in the comments below!

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