Top 5 Reasons “The Walking Dead” Will Redeem Itself This Season!

The Walking Dead is an AMC show based on a graphic novel (which I have not read) about a band of survivors struggling to make a life after the zombie apocalypse. The show has had some brilliant moments, but often times tends to wade in mediocrity and even drifts into down right boring. After watching the episode this past Sunday though, I feel like this season might redeem the show as a whole. Here are five reasons, with possible spoilers:

5. Carl is no longer a nuisance – There might not be a more annoying kid on television that Carl…Well, maybe that stupid boy from Once Upon a Time…but still, Carl was annoying. What was even more annoying was Rick and his wife always having to worry about Carl. STAY IN THE DAMN HOUSE CARL! You are stupid and annoying and no one likes you! But that was then, and now Carl is turning into a little bad ass. Dude wields a gun with efficiency and is even hitting on chicks. Well played Carl, well played. I am starting to warm up to you. Keep up the good work and you could go a long way to redeeming your self and the show.

No longer that little turd that wouldn’t stay in the damn house!

4. Daryl Dixon – This hillbilly, redneck racist turned good guy (or almost good guy) played by Norman Reedus is awesome. All he wants to do is survive, and he recognizes his best chance is with these goofballs. But Daryl uses a crossbow and knife to slay zombies all episode. Dude is tough, rugged, and “wont sleep in no cage”. There is sort of a weird love thing to going on with him and the grey haired lady, but whatever…When you are alone in the world, you gotta make do. Daryl does. Oh yea, he also rides around on a Harley. I cant imagine that is very gas effective, but it sure is bad ass.

See, total bad ass…

3. The black chick with the sword – Um, what the hell?! This chick is so out there yet so awesome she could single-handedly get viewers to the screens to see what she does next. First of all, she has a sword and can use it. She lops off zombie heads easier than most people can take the top off a Pringles container. She doesn’t talk much, so I have no clue what she is even doing. And, oh yea, SHE HAS TWO PET ZOMBIES WITH NO ARMS AND NO JAWS THAT ACT AS HER PETS/PACK MULES! I mean is there anything more messed up but awesome at the same time on television today?

2. The Farmers Daughter – Please refer to the picture. Enough said.

1. The Ricktatorship – Rick Grimes was sort of an honorable character through the first couple of seasons…but he wasn’t a cool one. In fact, unlike Eddard Stark or other notable honorable characters, Rick was down right boring. His will to not change was terrible and it got to the point where basically everyone realized he needed to change or he needed to die. Well, at the end of last season, he changed. And boy, I think it was for the better. After killing his best friend, Rick has turned on his wife and now leads the band of survivors with action and decision instead of monologues and hours spent contemplating. If you need any proof of that, check out the first episode of this year. The opening scene is all action and no words, the second scene, where they clear out the yard, is not only fun to watch but it is fun to watch Rick! Never in the show before was it fun to watch Rick, and after he clears the yard and puts down his rifle and flashes that smile, you know everything is not only in control, but everything is going to be good. If his mentality stays like this, the show will redeem itself…Also, HE RIPPED OFF A DUDES FACE AFTER RIPPING OFF A HELMET!

For what it is worth, I think this show in particular has some of the most wonderful posters. They are doing something right at least as far as advertising goes. Anyway, what are your feelings on The Walking Dead? Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’m 100% sure that you’ll change this list as soon as they introduce the governor. He’ll be on this list somewhere, I KNOW IT.

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