Dorklyst: The 15 Most Overpowered Weapons in Video Game History!

The Dorklyst: The 15 Most Overpowered Weapons In Videogame History - Image 1 has come out with a great list about the weapons that are most overpowered in videogame history…You can find the list here. I am a little surprised to see that the RCP90 from Goldeneye did not make it, but whatever…the list is pretty good. I still hate those Smash Brother hammers!

When moving through any game, your goal is usually to move up the food chain: get better guns, get better armor, get better everything. Get to the point where you’re unstoppable, where you can mow through enemies like a weed whacker through a bunch of easily-whacked weeds. But this desire needs to be kept in check – because when the developers include weapons that are too good, it can completely throw off the balance of the whole game. There’s no need for strategy or real challenge with weapons that are that powerful – and just like when Tim Allen makes a way too powerful weed whacker on Home Improvement, sometimes we need to recognize when things have gone too far. These are the 15 most overpowered weapons in videogame history.

15. Fierce Diety’s Mask (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

The Dorklyst: The 15 Most Overpowered Weapons In Videogame History - Image 16

Getting all the masks in Majora’s Mask is something of a pain (unless you’re Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day and used to this kind of stuff, but in which case, you’re also a fictional character). Unfortunately, you need them all to get the final and most ridiculously-powerful mask in the game – the Fierce Deity’s Mask. The FDMtransforms Kid Link into, well, the Fierce Deity (who looks a lot like Adult Link but with gray hair and some bad facepaint). While it can only be used in boss fights, the mask makes the game a joke – even the final boss fight against Majora’s Mask becomes a quick scuffle, with Fierce Deity Link shooting his laser-sword against the helpless evil mask. It’s like if they let you beat Ganon in Ocarina of Time by having Biggoron step on him.

Kinda makes you wonder how this thing nearly brought the apocalypse down on Clock Town. Also makes you wonder why they didn’t evacuate Clock Town the second they noticed the moon was, like, 100 yards away.

Continue with the rest of the list here.

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