Futile Fantasy Football Results For Week Four!

Well, I will be everyone’s starter next week I am sure…

The results are in. And for the first time we have a tie!!  The scrubs of the NFL ended up having some really good games. Our scores were rather high. But the two people that tied are Tommy Gimler and our reigning champ Justin Anderson! Well done guys!

Justin Anderson – 20

(Justin’s Team – Whedon, Stephens-Howling, Cecil Shorts, Kelen Davis)

Tommy Gimler – 20

(Tommy’s Team – Ponder, Alex Green, Hartline, Pitta)

The Daily Upper Decker – 21

Erik Anderson – 23

Brandon – 24

Sam Mark – 30

Adam Boucher – 30

Brian Ish – 41

Mike Heyer – 42

Stu – 47

Jeff Leinenkugel – 59

Muktown (picking all Bears Starters) – 78

At least all my drops are helping SOMEBODY!

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  1. What can I say? Nobody knows how to pick losers like us!


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