Remember, Remember…

Everyone remembers this scene from V for Vendetta. But remembering a movie and the actual events that it is referencing is two different things. The Gunpowerder plot was a real thing, staged in part by a man who went by the name of Guy Fawkes. It is a wonderful and fascinating story, one that if you are bored at work and need something of a quick distraction, that you should take a look at. You can find a great recounting of the story here.

In this time where we are voting to keep a leader or replace him with a new one, remember everything that has come before. This entire plot happened 17 years before the Pilgrims even landed on what was to become US soil. There have been fighters (and, quite frankly, terrorists) for freedom way before our country was even discovered. Everything that happened in the past has brought us to where we are now.

So, when you cast your vote and you believe that you and your candidate is the right choice, remember remember the 5th of November. And realize that putting a name on a piece of paper instead of blowing someone up is a freedom that was fought for and died for.

Guy Fawkes

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