Top 5 Reasons The Walking Dead Is Still Redeeming Itself!

Has this show in the first four episodes not completely redeemed itself from the first couple of seasons?! I mean it is like that kid in school that never lives up to his potential and then finally gets in a club or sport and blossoms…not that I know what that is like. Here is the original article I wrote about how this show was going to redeem itself. It can be found here.

Anyway, back to the task at hand; Here are 5 reasons why this season, and the past episode of this show, is the best yet.

5. Still getting rid of characters – Holy cow! Who is going to die next?! This is starting to turn into an awesome show because the stakes finally feel real. Anyone can die at any time. Game of Thrones will have to start taking notes soon. Laurie and T-Dogg were the ones that bit it in this episode (See number four). Also, is it strange to anyone else that when T-Dogg, the only black guy in the world these days, dies the show somehow replaces him not but 5 scenes later with a new black dude?! I found that to be a little funny…

4. Laurie’s exit – Wow, that was an emotional scene. I do not care what your thought’s on Laurie were before this, but how powerful was that moment when she talks to Carl and just knows that not only will she die, but her son will have to shoot her again? Her character is finally justified for two seasons to make that scene, which honestly could be one of the single greatest moments this show will ever offer. The flashback to Rick talking to Carl was also brilliantly placed. Also, did anyone actually see Carl shoot his mom?? Just saying…

3. The Governor – I know it is only a matter of time until this dude kicks some major human and zombie ass. Michonne will be the first to go I guess, which is sad for me. She seems like a complete bad ass. But she is well on her way to being the first example of how the Governor deals with people. This dude obviously doesn’t take shit from anyone and he has a bigger agenda than simply “protecting” his small little town.

2. Daryl and his brother, Merle – First of all, Daryl is still my favorite character on this show. He is quickly becoming eclipsed by number one on this list, but for now he is still awesome. I have been informed that these two are not in the comics either, which make them fascinating characters that are able to operate outside of the source material. Daryl might have become Rick’s right hand man, but it will be cool to see what happens when Merle is introduced back into the group and forces Daryl to choose between his family and, well, his family of survivors. I cannot wait until that situation arises to see what Daryl will end up doing…my money is on killing his brother…

Daryl Dixon (TV Series).jpg

1. Rick Grimes – Has any character ever redeemed himself as much as Rick Grimes? And I am not talking about just in a story way…I am talking about in an acting way as well. Rick was one of the worst characters ever on TV for awhile there. But all of a sudden he has turned it around. Maybe it was because Rick was “the good guy” and he had a counter part, Shane, who was “the bad guy”. Those two characters were two opposite halves of the same exact guy. So taking Shane out of the equation, Rick has finally become a human being who has to feel and react like a normal human would in these intense circumstances. And viola, all of a sudden we care! Rick has already started to break down after hearing about Lori’s death and he surely is about to go on a rampage. Will Rick resent his (or Shane’s i guess) kid for taking the life of his (friend-zoned, last I checked) wife? What about Maggie for cutting her? Or Carl for (possibly) shooting her in the face? Fact is, we do not really know how Rick will react, and that, my friends, is for the absolute best. I am excited to see what happens going forward!

What do you think of the show so far? Any good or bad that you feel like bringing up? Leave them in the comments below!

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