Top 5 Teams Michael Vick Could Go To Now That Everyone Else Realizes He Stinks!

I have no idea what he is smiling about…

Well, You might remember a couple weeks ago when I posted this: Top 5 Reasons Mike Vick Stinks as a QB! Well, I have been proved right every week since and he finally got hurt (number 1 on the list) and in comes Nick Foles who has never taken a snap in the NFL before and dude comes in and promptly leads Philly on three scoring drives (2 TD’s and a FG) in a losing effort. He threw for 219 yards with a 66% completion. He did have two turn overs but, again, the dude never played in the NFL before. How could that happen? Well, maybe Vick just no longer has it. That is sort of what I said in the article mentioned above. Anyway, now that Philly will almost certainly cut  ties with this bum, where should he go?

5. Washington Redskins – Why not? He could be a back up for another up and coming QB who can use his legs to score. And if RGIII ever gets a concussion, Vick could step right in and Shannahan wouldn’t even have to change his play calling. This seems like a pretty logical move too, considering Dan Snyder loves to over-pay for players. I am sure they could find some stupid Wild Cat package for Vick too.

4. Atlanta – WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! This is LUDACRIS! Is it? Why not have a nice reunion story? He would obviously return as a back up, but the NFL and it’s fans love a good redemption story. Sure, maybe Arthur Blank and the rest of the franchise has moved on…but I am willing to bet that for some publicity for the team that is crying out for attention despite a 7-1 record, this might just be the ticket.

Could this ever happen again?

3. Chicago Bears – Cutler gets hurt a lot. He does. And the Bear’s backups are Jason Campbell and Caleb Haine. Something isn’t working there. And the Bears have to realize their window is closing. They are the oldest team in the league and only getting older. They have no talent coming up behind their good defense. Their offensive line is just appalling but that is nothing new for Vick. He could slide right in behind that line and start running for his life just like in Philly.

2. Oakland Raiders – The crazy thing is, the other three teams would clearly use him as a back up. But this team might actually use him as a starter. It isn’t so much that Carson Palmer can’t chuck the ball, it’s more that Vick would fit right in with all the felons in Oakland. Vick could even go out to Denny’s on a Sunday night and smash my van window and steal my backpack with all the other felons in that city! (Yes, that really happened to me in Oakland.) If I were Vick, I would be calling up whoever owns the Raiders right now and start asking for estimates. I am sure he could get more there than any other place too.

1. Cleveland Browns – No, seriously. This is the best option Vick has. This franchise is so bad and so used to losing that no matter what Vick does, he will be heralded as a savior and welcomed with open arms. Their rookie QB is already almost 30 (Vick is 32) and he isn’t THAT good. But Vick could instantly put butts in the seats in Cleveland and maybe even win them a couple games. But even if Vick happens to get close to some wins and then somehow manages a way to lose the game for them, Browns fans probably wouldn’t take it too personally. Chances are they would just forgive Vick and look forward to next week. Because, after all, what do Cleveland sports fans really have? The Cavs? The Indians? Vick, even an old, terrible looking, slow, banged up Vick, might be just the thing they need to be excited about any of their sports again…(And yes, I purposefully ignored the fact that Vick would be playing his games in the Dawg Pound!…Make your own jokes in the comments)

One thing is for sure: Mike Vick is still better than Donavan McNabb.

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