Futile Fantasy Football Week 6!

This dude is now starting for the Eagles!

Last week, Sam Mark set an all time record with only 4 points for his entire team. Really well done Sam! I am still looking for my first win of the season. The winners so far have been:

Justin Anderson (x2)

Brian Ish (x2)

Sam Mark

Tommy Gimler

If you are new to this game, the goal is to pick THE WORST TEAM you can out of the players who are starting on Sunday. WE ONLY DO SUNDAY GAMES! Click here for the pool of players that are legal for this week: WORST FOOTBALL TEAM WEEK 6

*Please select Matt Cassle instead of Brady Quinn.

Who ever has THE LOWEST score wins. So really, we are playing golf. So pick a four pack of bums and get in the game! Here are the rules for a quick refresher.

-Each team will be comprised of one QB, RB, WR and TE. The game is meant to be simple. Pick one of each.

-Each player picked for each position must be a STARTER and must be PLAYING that week. (For instance, you may not pick Matt Cassel because he is hurt, but you may pick Brady Quinn.)

-Your RB slot has to be filled with the first string (and starting) RB from a team. You may not use full backs or H backs.

-Each NFL team in real life has two WR’s that start. You may pick either of them as long as they are playing that week. So, you may pick either Desean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin on the Eagles as your WR if you wanted.

-Use the official team Depth Chart to determine starting status. Other team owners may challenge a pick.

-Scoring is standard scoring. All touchdowns count as 6 points (including passing TD’s). 25 throwing yards equals 1 point. 10 yards rushing and receiving equals 1 point. -2 for fumbles and INT’s.

-No decimal point scoring.

-No Monday night players. The reason for this is we will be able to get some instant gratification Sunday night. I will post the winners then.

“Don’t worry Cleveland, we will try our very hardest to play competitively this weekend.”

As always, I will post my picks here. Here are my picks for this week:

QB – Mark Sanchez, NYJ – RB – Larod Stephens Howling, AZ – WR – Justin Blackmon, JAX, TE – Lance Kendricks, STL.

Brandon’s picks for this week are: QB – Byron Leftwhich, PIT – RB – Rashad Jennings, JAX – WR – Anquan Boldin, BAL – TE – Ben Watson – CLE.

It’s cool. I got this guys.

Leave your team in the comments below and check back in Sunday night for the results! Remember, here is the player pool you can pick from: WORST FOOTBALL TEAM WEEK 6

*Please select Matt Cassle instead of Brady Quinn.

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  1. Mark Sanchez
    Pierre Thomas
    Laurent Robison
    Jermichael Finley

  2. Cam Newton
    Marcel Reese
    Donnie Avery
    Mercedes Lewis

  3. Spencer Schulz

     /  November 16, 2012

    Brian Leftwich
    Alex Green
    Jon Baldwin
    Mercedes Lewis

  4. An experiment: The Kansas City Chiefs

    Matt Cassle – QB
    Jamaal Charles – RB
    Dewayne Bowe – WR
    Tony Moioki – TE

  5. Ish

     /  November 17, 2012

    Alex Green RB GB
    Byron Leftwhich QB PIT
    Dexter McCluster WR KC
    Tony Moeki TE KC

    QB – Brandon “Pick City” Weedon
    RB – Pierre “What’s French for ‘Atrocious?'” Thomas
    WR – Justin “First Round Failure” Blackmon
    TE – Tony “Remember Me?” Moeki

  7. QB: Matt Cassel – KC
    RB: Issac Redman – Pit
    WR: Dexter McCLuster – KC
    TE: Lance Kendriks – STL

  8. Here are my picks as Tommy Gimler:
    QB – Mark Sanchez (since Joe Webb and the Vikings aren’t playing)
    RB – Shonn Greene
    WR – Jordy Nelson
    TE – Jermichael Finley

  9. And of course my picks as The Daily Upper Decker:

    QB – Matt Cassel
    RB – Jonathan Stewart
    WR – Cecil Shorts
    TE – Who in the hell is Tony Moeaki on KC? I’ll take him. He sounds awful.

  10. Alec Hakes

     /  November 18, 2012

    Blaine Gabbert
    Rashad Jennings
    Jeremy Maclin
    Tony Moeaki

  11. Blaine Gabbert
    Marcel Reece
    Jeremy Kerly
    Ron Housler

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