Futile Fantasy Football Results For Week 6!

I have a feeling this guy will get a lot more looks next week…

Today, we have more record setters on the wrong end of the spectrum (most points) instead of on the right end. Congrats again to Alec Hakes, who pulled out 3 zeros on his team due to injuries and terrible play. The only person to score a point at all for him was the person most people took, Tony Moeiaki. Notice our multiple time winners right on his heels though. Great week!

Alec Hakes – 7

(Hakes’ Team: Gabbert, Rashad Jennings, Maclin, and Moeiaki)

Justin Anderson – 8

Brian Ish – 16

Adam Boucher – 17

Spencer Shulz – 22

Adam Haas – 23

Brandon – 29

Daily Upper Decker – 33

Tommy Gimler – 35

Nic Thorson – 44

Mike Heyer – 58

Sam Mark – 61

Jeffrey Leinenkugel – 61

“Wait what? I am playing again?! I need to find my helmet!”

Sam Mark and I tied for the leagues worst start ever. Congrats Sam, you have successfully set two records in back to back weeks…the best score (4) and now the worst!

Thank you for playing! Check back in next week. Perhaps we will run a special this Thursday for Thanksgiving games!

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