Thanksgiving Day Futile Football Results!

After 2 wonderful games, NBC provided us with a huge dud. Thank god I removed Mark Sanchez or he would have been the only person people would have picked. That dude is absolutely terrible. Here are the results for our little thanksgiving day game. Here are the list of players and their individual scores:

QB’s (Pick one): Matthew Stafford (29), Matt Schaub (16), Robert Griffin III (36), Tony Romo (30), Tom Brady (36).

RB’s (Pick one): Mikel Leshore (11), Arian Foster (23), Albert Morris(17), Felix Jones (11), Stephen Ridly(15), Shonn Greene(7).

WR’s (Pick One): Wes Welker (13), Calvin Johnson (20), Andre Johnson (18), Santana Moss (10), Dez Bryant (24)

TE’s (Pick one): Aaron Hernandez (3), Brandon Pettigrew (7), Dustin Keller (12), Owen Daniels (8), Jason Witten(7).


So, the best possible team would have been one with Schaub, Shonn Greene, Santana Moss, and Aaron Hernandez. There was one person who had that exact line up…THIS GUY!

Jeff Leinenkugel – 36

(Schaub, Shonn Greene, Santana Moss, and Aaron Hernandez)

Ish – 55

Ryan Wing – 60

Sam Mark – 62

Brandon – 69

Rakesh the Intern – 69

Alec Hakes – 76




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