Last Night, I Watched The Dark Knight Rises…

Last night I watched The Dark Knight Rises and had my computer open and wrote down some ideas that I had. The reason was because I have a friend who LOVES this movie and I have a friend who HATES this movie. They posted on each other’s wall on Facebook so I decided to get to the bottom of whether or not this was a good movie or bad movie…So I blew up their wall with these posts as I was watching the movie. Lucky for me, I had already seen the movie and this time around, I got to pay far more attention to detail. Enjoy:

 I am watching The Dark Knight Rises right now. Just started. I forgot the best part of the movie was Littlefinger is in the opening scene. Also, I will let you know how far I get before I get bored and ‘finish it tomorrow’…
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23 minutes in and I have listened to it all…I have seen maybe 15% of it. I have been doing other things…but it is on and that counts.
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28 minutes into the movie and I already like Bane a lot more than I ever did the first time. I think it is because I can understand him.
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30 minutes into this movie, and JGL’s character in no way needs to be in the movie at all. Period. His entire character is worthless. I bet you dollars to doughnuts Nolan never wrote JGL in this script at all at first. But, knowing the franchise rakes in dough, the studio made him write him in to keep the franchise alive…
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OH man, new best character, Lt. Dangle is the doctor!
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33 minutes in and Talia and Bruce meet for the first time and this is all I can think of: 

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At the 37 minute mark, when Bruce is talking to Morgan Freeman, watch Bruce’s hand on his cane. It changes from shot to shot.
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45 minute mark, the stock exchange and the subsequent chase scene is awesome.
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47:15 – Anne Hatheway…May. Goose. Ta.
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50 minutes: Gotham police set precedent of being the worst department every. They send LITERALLY every cop after Batman. This makes the scene later in the movie where every cop runs into the tunnel much more believable. All of a sudden this movie doesn’t seem so terrible.
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57: Batman drops the line “so that’s what that feels like…” after catwomen disappears. I still think he should have said that line in Bruce Wayne voice and not in Batman voice.
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1:09 Bruce porks Talia. See above post.
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So, Bruce’s power goes off in that scene and they make a fire. But then somehow Bruce gets down to the bat cave and gets out of the cave…all with no power. How do his secret doors open? Does he have a mobile Genny?
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1:12 Batman lands 2 solid punches on Bane’s mask…not a single scratch.
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Then he lands about 6 punches in a row…still nothing. I can’t remember how he breaks it in the end, but I mean christ…
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1:21 Gordon orders “every cop in gotham into the tunnels to smoke [Bane] out”…That is complete bullshit. Gordon never seemed that rash before.
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of the 120 cop extras they had, I bet you at least 67% of them, while on set without knowing the script at all, probably asked “why the hell are this many cops rushing into a tunnel all at once?? It doesn’t even make sense…”
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A reporter says, “Literally THOUSANDS of police are running into tunnels”
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1:28: How much eyeliner can they put on the Mayor?
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Update: JGL is still worthless in this movie. So far, the only thing he did was find out that there was explosives in the cement. Then he tried to warn people and nothing even happened. It still blew up. Good work worthless character.
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1:40 – Bane’s speech about breaking the social contract in Gotham is actually really good. Props.
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148 – Before, they were talking about when the bomb is going to go off, they are really unsure. Even Bane has only a rough estimate of “about 5 months”. But later, at this point in the movie, without ever seeing the bomb, Lucius Fox knows that they have exactly 23 days until the bomb goes off…
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5 minutes later, Gordon knows they have exactly 18 hours until the bomb goes off…
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Batman had time to drench a whole bridge with gas in the shape of a Bat…that was perfect use of his then “10 hours” left until the bomb was going off.
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All out brawl is going on…no one is even close to Bane or Batman when they decide to exchange words in the midst of the Brough-ha-ha.
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Batman swings an elbow in the second fight, breaks Bane’s mask…20 punches prior, no damage…one elbow, Bane is useless.
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Even Talia knows they have EXACTLY 11 minutes before the bomb goes off…
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Quinn, from Dexter, is the cop that tells JGL to go back to the other side of the bridge.
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Ninja Bane has NO IDEA that a motorcycle just drove up into the bank building they were fighting in…Catwoman kills Bane by shooting, quite accurately, a gun mounted on a motorcycle. Hell of a shot considering Batman was also right there…
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That bomb was suppose to have a 6 mile blast radius…Batman had like 1 minute to get it out over the bay…He passes JGL who can look at the bomb detonate out in the bay. He would need to be traveling 360 miles per hour to clear that blast radius…doubt he was…
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OHHHHH!! JGL is Robin…Perfect. I am glad he was in this movie now…
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So, after re-watching the whole movie, I do not think I liked it more or hated it more. I think it sort of is what it is. Some parts of the movie are glaringly weak, as if no one had the guts to just say “what the hell are we doing with this?!” But some of the parts of this movie are really really strong. It drags a lot and I am dead serious with cutting out JGL COMPLETELY. Save 40 minutes right there. But overall, this is not a GREAT movie, but it is good enough by today’s standards. B-. It certainly shouldn’t be a B+ rating, like IMDB has it at…
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