Ok, so maybe I am a little bias. I am a Minnesota Vikings fan, but that doesn’t in any way change what Adrian Peterson has done this year on the football field. Are there really any other contenders? Some would say Manning or Brady who are leading their teams to a bunch of wins…but those teams also did fine with Tim Tebow and Matt Cassel.

The Minnesota Vikings have 8 wins this season. They had three last year. I think Vegas said they would win 5 this year. They are currently sitting in the 6th seed of the NFC playoffs. How many games do they win WITHOUT Adrian Peterson? Probably 3? If that? So, if the MVP award is for someone who is the Most Valuable, and Adrian Peterson accounts for (so far) 5 wins, who the hell is more valuable then him? Honestly, who else in the NFL could account for 3 wins even? Ponder (no pun intended) that while you read these 13 amazing facts about this years MV(A)P from

Through 14 games this season, Peterson has:

  1. More rushing yards (1,313) from Week 7 through Week 15 than Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder has passing yards (1,093).
  2. Nine games with at least 100 yards, most of any player in the league.
  3. Six games with at least 150 rushing yards, or as many as the next three-closest players combined. Bryce Brown, Jamaal Charles and Arian Foster all have two. Only Earl Campbell (seven) has more games with 150-plus rushing yards in the Super Bowl era.
  4. A higher yards-per-rush average (6.3) than Ponder, John Skelton and Nick Foles have in yards-per-pass attempt averages.
  5. A total of 909 yards after contact. That would tie Steven Jackson for 13th in the NFL as a stand-alone rushing total. Peterson already has the most in the past three seasons (since data is available), with the previous high Maurice Jones-Drew in 2011 (785 yards after contact).
  6. A 3.1 average on yards after contact per rush. That’s higher than Rashad Jennings’ yards-per-rush average (2.8), and is the highest by any player in a season since 2009, the year that data became available.
  7. A total of 1,103 rushing yards on first down, which would currently rank No. 9 as a stand-alone rushing total.
  8. Two 82-yard rushing touchdowns. He is the third player in NFL history with multiple rushing touchdowns of more than 80 yards in a season (Johnson in 2009 and Hugh McElhenny in 1952).
  9. Gained a first down when hit before the marker 39 times, most of any player in the league. Only 18 other players even have 39 total first downs.
  10. A total of 20 rushes of at least 20 yards, or as many as the two next-closest players combined. C.J. Spiller has 11 and Doug Martin has nine.
  11. Seven rushes of at least 50 yards, as many as Charles (two), Johnson (two), Martin (two) and Spiller (one) combined.
  12. A total of 582 rushing yards with at least eight defenders in the box, more than twice as many as the next-closest rusher (Frank Gore, 279).
  13. Been hit in the backfield 51 times but has gained 69 yards on those plays. The rest of the NFL has collectively lost 1,191 yards when hit in the backfield.

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  1. Your first stat says it all. Where would the Vikings be without Peterson and just Ponder throwing the ball? I’ll tell you where I’d be, and that’s $140 richer. Clearly the MVP this year, and this is coming from a Packers fan…

  2. This is a topic that is near to my heart… Many thanks! Where are your contact details though?


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