8 Movie Previews I Saw!

Ok, so I wrote last week about my trip back to Middle Earth when I last saw the Hobbit. It was a pretty cool experience because I basically had the place to myself when I went and you can read what I thought about the  movie here!

One thing I didn’t tell you guys in that article though is that I sat through EIGHT movie previews. Some of these movies I had no clue were coming out. Some I have major interest in and some would be deemed as very minor interest. Since I was alone in the theater, I made a note of each one on my phone thought. So take a look at some of these below. The previews are listed in the order that they were presented to me in the theater, and I rated each one on a scare of one to 10, 10 being SUPER EXCITED to see the movie when it comes out. (I am not rating how good the preview itself was.) So, let us get to the first one:

Pacific Rim – Holy cow! This looks awesome! Robots fighting aliens like a brand new version of Power Rangers!? And this is all from the mind of the dude that brought us Pan’s Labyrinth  Yes, I will for sure go see this movie. 8/10

Movie 2: After Earth

Ok, so this movie could be really cool. I don’t think I was fooled by the reveal that they were going to Earth at all, but to think that our planet is super hostile is sort of cool. I wonder if the movie will have a Planet of the Apes type ending where Will Smith and his boy realize there are Humans on Earth and they are far more dangerous than any other animals…just a thought. Anyway, Will Smith acting with his kid is a pretty cool thing and I am sure he is really proud about that. I am sure I will see this movie, perhaps just not in the theaters. 6/10

Movie 3: Jack the Giant Killer

I have to admit that I had no clue about this movie at all. But I am a sucker for old fairy tales redone…even though I sort of hope the fad fades out soon because I would love to get back to some original stories (Hansel and Grettle not withstanding). Anyway, this is a remake of Jack and the Beanstalk and it looks to have some really cool parts. It will be better than Snow White, but I am not sure how much that is saying. I do, however, like that Bryan Singer (Xman, House M.D.) is signed on. Again, this is probably a movie I will see in the comfort of my home eventually. 5/10

Movie 4: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Yes please! This looks wonderful and worthy of a sequel. Perhaps this will be Trek’s Empire Strikes Back and that would make me more than pleased. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) is playing a “mystery” villain but after talking to my father (who is the trekkie of the family) I can probably say with some certitude that he will be Gary Mitchell and not Kahn. But you know what, I really know jack shit when it comes to Star Trek so I am going to sit back and watch this master of his craft act as a bad guy, and that is something I cannot wait for. Even if it turns out to be a complete dud (which I doubt), the action looks wonderful. This might be an opening day flick for me. 10/10

Benedict Cumberbatch is probably Gary Mitchell, right?!

Movie 5: World War Z

Zombies? Check. Fast moving, almost normal human Zombies that can stack on top of each other to get at you? Check. Brad Pitt? You bet! Alright, I am probably in right there. See, the Walking Dead tv show is thrilling enough at parts, but slow moving, drone Zombies don’t quite do it for me as far as “terror” goes. You know what is more scary? Zombies that can actually move fast. Think Left 4 Dead when you hear that “wooooouououoauoauoauaouaoaouoau” noise and just know about 50 infected humans are about to charge you! Anyway, This movie is almost certainly a trip to the theater. 8/10

Movie 6: Iron Man 3

You may remember from an article a long time ago on this site that I rather fancy Tony Stark and his Ironman suit. The movies up until now, though, have been sort of funny and light hearted with a lot of action and no real consequence to our hero or the people around him. Well, based on this preview, that all looks like it will change. The tone of the movie as a whole looks to be darker and perhaps Tony Stark will experience a fall from grace. This movie I am sure will be on par with the other two though and it has a chance to be even better, and that, at the very least, warrants a trip to the theater. 8/10

Movie 7: The Lone Ranger

Ok, so I am not a Lone Ranger fan at all. That is not to say that I couldn’t be…it is just that, at present, I am not. I guess this movie looks to have some good action and Johnny Depp is in it as a weird ass character like always…but I still feel unsure of this. Like I am not sold from what I just saw. That is not enough to get me to pay money to see it. I think this will be a rented movie for me. 4/10

Movie 8: Man of Steel

My first thought was, “Christ, like we really need MORE Superman!” This is a failed franchise now because other super heroes are so much more appealing. Batman, Iron man, even Spiderman are far more appealing as individuals both masked and unmasked. But then, after seeing this trailer, perhaps this 5th reboot of Superman might work. It takes a dark tone, seems to focus on the coming of age, and other things that Clark Kent had to deal with. Of course flashing big names like Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan might help it, but this is one that I was sure of (as in, I am for sure not going to see it) and the trailer made me unsure (as in, who knows? Maybe I will now.) I still feel like the answer to my original question of “Do we even need more Superman?” is a resounding no, but this will be the last effort I give to the Man of Steel. 5/10

What did you guys think after watching the 8 movie trailers? What will you see and not see and why? Share your thoughts down below with any other movies you might be excited for as well! Happy holidays!

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