Futile Fantasy Football Week 10!

Sorry about not playing last week. That was forced due to limited internet access. In the hopes of making this week simple and easy, I am going to provide you with the available options. The pool of players will be limited and thus force you to make a harder pick than slotting in Christian Ponder. So, it will be more like our thanksgiving day games. Without delay, here are the players you can choose from. Please choose one from each position:

QB – Jay Cutler, Josh Freeman, Andy Dalton, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, Matt Schaub or Eli Manning.

RB – Shonn Greene, Jamaal Charles, Demarco Murray, Daren McFadden, Benjarvis Green-Ellis, Reggie Bush, CJ  Spiller, Stephen Jackson, Doug Martin, Trent Richardson.

WR – Andre Johnson, Lance Moore, Denarious Moore, Mike Wallace, Victor Cruz, AJ Green, Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne, James Jones, Steve Smith (Carolina) or Brandon Marshall

TE – Kyle Rudolph, Jermichael Finley, Jason Wittin, Owen Daniels, Brent Celek, Aaron Hernandez, or Anthony Fasano.

Here are the rules again for a quick reminder: remember, you are trying to pick THE WORST team points wise, so cheer for futility.

Who ever has THE LOWEST score wins. So really, we are playing golf. So pick a four pack of bums and get in the game! Here are the rules for a quick refresher.

-Each team will be comprised of one QB, RB, WR and TE. The game is meant to be simple. Pick one of each.

-Each player picked for each position must be a STARTER and must be PLAYING that week. (For instance, you may not pick Matt Cassel because he is hurt, but you may pick Brady Quinn.)

-Your RB slot has to be filled with the first string (and starting) RB from a team. You may not use full backs or H backs.

-Each NFL team in real life has two WR’s that start. You may pick either of them as long as they are playing that week. So, you may pick either Desean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin on the Eagles as your WR if you wanted.

-Use the official team Depth Chart to determine starting status. Other team owners may challenge a pick.

-Scoring is standard scoring. All touchdowns count as 6 points (including passing TD’s). 25 throwing yards equals 1 point. 10 yards rushing and receiving equals 1 point. -2 for fumbles and INT’s.

-No decimal point scoring.

-No Monday night players. The reason for this is we will be able to get some instant gratification Sunday night. I will post the winners then.

As always, here is my team: QB – Andy Dalton, RB – Steven Jackson, WR – Denarious Moore, TE – Kyle Rudolph

Leave your team down in the comments and check back Sunday night for the results of our game!

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  1. Ish

     /  December 21, 2012

    QB Cutler CHI
    RB Greene NYJ
    WR Moore NO
    TE Fasano MIA

  2. Easy money this week, bitches:

    QB – Jay Cutler
    RB – Ben Green-Ellis
    WR – James Jones
    TE – Kyle Rudolph

  3. Team SAM MARK
    QB – Jay Cutler
    WR – Denarious Moore
    RB – The Firm
    TE – Fasano


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