Merry Christmas: Stay Away From Snow!

I just watched the most recent Christmas Special of Dr. Who and it was most wonderful. It was the best one since the reveal of David Tennant, who is still my favorite Doctor (although Matt Smith is doing all he can to change my mind), for a number of reasons. I will try to stay away from spoilers as best as I can, but perhaps you should just watch the episode first…

Ian Mckellen – The monsters in this episode weren’t particularly scary or even all that memorable, but they were voiced by an awesome person who kept yelling, “Winter is Coming” and that pleased my nerdiness oh so very much. (Seriously, Game of Thrones is coming back in a matter of months and it will be coming back iwth my favorite book which I am now in the process of re-reading and I cannot wait…so the more times people like Ian McKellen [or maybe Morgan Freeman] say “Winter is Coming”, the better in my opinion…ok, back to Doctor Who) Mr. Mckellen voiced the snow monster which wasn’t really snow…but whatever. In the end, the voice of the Sir Ian was just a cover as it was nothing but a little boy giving power to a psychic field of snow…yea, you know what? Just go with it…

Matt Smith – I mentioned above that he is doing everything he can to become my favorite Doctor. He plays a rage filled protagonist who is…well, very much like Sherlock Holmes who he mimics in this episode. I think Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor is at his best when he is depressed and uncaring and removed from other people only to have his interest and curiosity piqued where he then enters the battle guns blazing with that childlike enthusiastic. (Sounds like one of my favorite characters ever, Greg House, another Sherlock reincarnation) When The Doctor is dressed up as Sherlock, and he drops the line, “Takes one to snow one” you know he is back and ready to go. It is the perfect line with the perfect laugh to prove that to us. As he digs deeper, he uncovers the best part of the this new episode:

Clara Oswin Oswald – So, immediately we knew from the last episode she was in, where she portrayed a “human” Dalek, that this girl was special and we would see her again.  But she did die in that episode so how is that possible?! Well, we have yet to find out. This current episode started off with her perhaps being someone completely new. However, the moment she drops the line about cooking souffle’s we know that this is the ‘same’ girl. So does the Doctor. And all of a sudden, he wants to know as much as we do. But after she (SPOILER!!!) dies again, where do we go from there?! Is she going to be sort of like Jack Harkness where instead of not dying, she dies but then is revived? Like Kenny from South Park? It certainly does not hurt that she is super easy on the eyes, too.

Anyway, this Christmas special was most wonderful. It has gotten me just as excited as the Doctor in the episode to put on my bow-tie, grab my sonic screwdriver (which is actually the Tenth Doctors model), and boot up the new TARDIS (an amazing reveal in the episode by the way, of the new space ship) and get out there and solve mysteries. Well played Mr. Moffat, well played.

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