This summer, there were many Super Hero movies that came out, from the Avengers to the Dark Knight Rises. Those movies, along with the release of this list, made this list the most popular of the year. Find out why!


Today’s top 5 list is “favorite Superheroes”. Superheroes have made a huge resurgence in movies these days, but they have always been around in comic books. Well, maybe not always, but the first image of Superman dates back to about 1938. Since then, there have been a wide array of types of Superheroes and even more villains for those heroes to conquer.  Heroes usually have some special powers, a moral code they follow and a secret identity. Although your Dad might be the superhero of your life, let’s stick to the more traditional sense of Superhero for this list.

Our guest lister today to tackle this is a comic book loving man from Wisconsin who has transplanted to Los Angeles. Mike Heyer is one of the best people I know for this because where I live through superheroes in only movies and video games, he also sees them through comic…

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