Championship Vinyl: A collection of Top-5 Lists!

This article was written by Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Sports. It makes so much sense for me to use it here though, as he was basically inspired by exactly what I was inspired by in making this site. So, enjoy his many top 5 lists.

Robbie G and some other cat

From a very early age I’ve always been a list-driven person. I probably checked out Phil Pepe’s “The Sports Book of Lists” from my local library 8-10 times as a kid. And I loved the Top 5-driven theme of High Fidelity, a theme I’m going to shamelessly borrow in this exercise.

Keep in mind there’s no preferred order with these Top 5 lists unless specifically noted, and also accept that this is one of the most subjective of undertakings. So you like different football players or music or movies than I do? It’s all good. There’s no problem. That’s the fun of it, the disagreements.

Have a happy and safe New Year and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

Five Reasons Peyton Manning Is My 2012 MVP
– Quarterbacks drive outcomes in the modern NFL, far more than any other position.
– Manning is essentially the Broncos offensive coordinator and associate head coach.
– Denver’s point differential spiked by 273 points from last year to this year, with Manning the only major addition to the offense.
– Manning had just two games under a 90 passer rating, and only one game under an 83 rating (none since September).
– The growth of Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker is significantly tied to Manning’s tutelage.

Five Mythical Award Votes From NFL 2012
– Peyton Manning: MVP
– Adrian Peterson: Offensive Player of the Year (rare case where a split vote between MVP and OPOTY makes sense)
– Robert Griffin: Rookie of the Year (Russell Wilson second)
– J.J. Watt, Defensive Player of the Year (in a landslide)
– Mike Shanahan, Coach of the Year (with a hat tip to his son, Kyle)

Five Playoff Coaches I’d Most Want On My Side (in order)
– Bill Belichick
– Jim Harbaugh
– Mike Shanahan
– Mike McCarthy
– Chuck Pagano

Five Underrated NFL Units
– Bengals Defense (though public is catching on)
– Vikings Offensive Line
– Rams Defense
– 49ers Running Game
– Browns Secondary

Five Best John Cusack Movies (in order)
– Grosse Point Blank
– San Anything
– High Fidelity
– Being John Malkovich
– The Sure Thing
(Everyone likes The Grifters more than me)

Five Star Quarterbacks Who Never Started A Super Bowl
– Dan Fouts
– Warren Moon
– Bernie Kosar (has a ring from Dallas)
– Randall Cunningham
– Mark Brunell (has a ring from NO)

Five Random Things I Loved From Week 17
– The Giants reaching out to Sandy Hook.
– Arian Foster’s bow to Chuck Pagano.
– Tony Romo and Jason Witten jawing on the sidelines (it’s cool to care).
– Jordy Nelson’s field alertness after Mike McCarthy’s mistaken flag toss.
– The Colts refusing to hand Houston the No. 1 seed (and the atmosphere at that stadium).

Five Things To Carry With You At All Times
– Music and good headphones
– A charged phone
– Something to read
– Something to write on
– Cash (cash is king)

Five Key Players I Misranked In August
– Dez Bryant
– Fred Jackson (and C.J. Spiller)
– Jordy Nelson
– Antonio Brown
– Demaryius Thomas

Six One-Hit Wonders From 2012 Fantasy Football
– Kevin Ogletree, Week 1
– Jake Locker, Week 3
– Brian Hartline, Week 4
– Shonn Greene, Week 6
– Michael Floyd, Week 17
– DeAngelo Williams, Week 17

Five Star Running Backs Who Never Got To Super Bowl
– Barry Sanders
– O.J. Simpson
– LaDainian Tomlinson
– Eric Dickerson
– Earl Campbell

Five Players Who Justified My Preseason Love
– Russell Wilson
– Eric Decker
– Greg Olsen
– Alfred Morris (kudos to Mike Salfino, who skippered this ship)
– Kyle Rudolph

Five Simple Ways To Enhance The Fantasy/Roto Experience
– Auctions over drafts
– Start more players (helps iron out the flukes)
– Don’t be afraid to partner up
– Embrace midseason and playoff leagues
– Friendly rivalries and sidebets

Five Playoff Coaches I’d Least Want On My Side (in order)
– Gary Kubiak
– Leslie Frazier
– Marvin Lewis (never aggressive enough)
– John Fox (though Manning will often overrule)
– Vacant (no ideal candidate)

Five Favorite Chases
– The Paper Chase
– Chris Chase
– Chase Utley
– Angela Chase
– The Chase Interlude from Ms. Pac Man

Five Underrated Moments In Time
– The night before Thanksgiving
– The final 30 minutes of the early NFL wave, any Sunday
– Walking into an empty (but open) restaurant for lunch
– The first day it snows
– Sophomore year of college

Five Snubs I’d Put Into Canton
– Randy Gradishar
– Ken Stabler
– Cris Carter (he will get in, though)
– Terrell Davis
– Ray Guy

Five Major Cities I’d Like To Live In
– San Diego
– Toronto
– Austin
– Seattle
– St. Paul

Five Make-Good Running Backs Who Were Sixth-Round Picks
– Terrell Davis
– Alfred Morris
– Mike Anderson
– Wilbert Montgomery
– Larry Kinnebrew

Five Ridiculous Award Screw-Jobs
– Pedro Martinez, 1999 MVP
– Jim Brown, 1956 Heisman
– Dan Fouts, 1982 MVP
– Roger Clemens, 1990 Cy Young
– Ted Williams, 1947 MVP

Six Coolest Places To Watch An NFL Game
– Seattle
– Green Bay
– Washington
– New Orleans
– Denver
– Pittsburgh

Five Terrific Quotes From Rounders
– “Here’s the thing … if you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.”
– “If you want to see this seventh card, you’re gonna stop speaking Sputnik.”
– “Just walking in here makes me queasy. The brick walls, the (freaking) mopes at the tables. The musty smell. I feel like Buckner walking back into Shea.”
– “Hanging around, hanging around. Kid’s got alligator blood.”
– “In the poker game of life, women are the rake. Women are the (freaking) rake.”

Five Reasons Mark Sanchez Didn’t Make It
– Spotty pocket awareness.
– Ordinary arm strength.
– Marginal supporting cast (including his coordinators).
– Not good with pre-snap decisions (every blitz comes with an indicator).
– Suspect work ethic.

Five Tremendous Athlete Cameos In Movies
– Xavier McDaniel in Singles (untoppable)
– Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Airplane
– Reggie Jackson in The Naked Gun
– Brett Favre in There’s Something About Mary
– Lee Trevino in Happy Gilmore

Five Things I Loved About Big East Basketball
– Sean McDonough, Bill Raftery and Jay Bilas – the best three-man announcing team in sports history.
– Eric Murdock Time, 1987-1991
– Reading Billy Reynolds.
– Any game involving Syracuse.
– Send It In, Jerome.

Five Notably Humble Superstars
– Calvin Johnson
– Ray Bourque
– Jack Nicklaus
– Jim Thome
– Nicklas Lidstrom

Five Great Songs While The Credits Roll
– Joy To The World (Three Dog Night/The Big Chill)
– Just Like Honey (Jesus & Mary Chain/Lost in Translation)
– Murray (Pete Yorn/Igby Goes Down)
– Baby, You’re A Big Star Now (Counting Crows/Rounders)
– Livin’ Thing (Electric Light Orchestra/Boogie Nights)

Five Strange Athlete Drive-Bys
– Wayne Gretzky in St. Louis
– Franco Harris in Seattle
– Pete Maravich in Boston
– Emmitt Smith in Arizona
– Mike Piazza in Florida

Five Popular Things Everyone Seems To Love But Me
– 80s Pop Music (though I love the new wave and alternative stuff)
– Sushi
– Saturday Night Live, any era
– Coffee
– New Year’s Eve (ultimate Amateur Night)

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