“SUUUUUPERBOWL!!!”: A Top 5 Football Memory!

If something like this happens, the Packers will win. If not, get ready for another 200 yard day.

Back in 2005, I was starting college for the first time. I had moved into a dorm room and was finally free of all the things high schoolers are ready to be free of. One of the things I remember was waking up and watching football all Sunday long and not worrying about doing anything else.

I had a friend, Matt, who lived right down the road who would watch games with us. Matt was older and had his own house with his own assortment of wild roommates. However, one day at Matt’s house, we were invited to go to another house…A house that was way out on Woodland Street (all of 3 blocks away, but it felt really far in the Wisconsin winter). It was a house occupied by much older siblings of people that went to my high school. These were the wild, sports loving, impulsive, in your face and loud type of sports fans. Led by Tyler, the older brother of a high school buddy of mine, the people at this house loved their teams probably more than they ever loved a woman…and that might not be hyperbole.

Matt, weary to head over there, told me a story of something that happened last year. The day was September 13th, 2004. The Packers opened the season against the Carolina Panthers, who had just went to the Super Bowl and lost against the Patriots of New England. For non-sports fans, this was the year Janet Jackson showed her boob on TV. The Panthers of course were projected to be really really good. But the Packers came out and smoked them 24-14 on the road. As Matt was sitting there watching the game with the guys from Woodland, they worked themselves up in such a frenzy that they stormed outside grabbing all the dishes they could and smashed them in the street yelling “SUUUUUUPERBOWL!!!” After smashing their dishes, they returned inside to continue drinking beer.

The Packers, of course, would not make the Superbowl that year. They lost the next four in a row but still managed to win the division. They then lost to the Vikings in the Wild Card Round in Lambeau (God, I hope history does repeat itself) in the game famously known for Randy Moss mooning the crowd.

So, back in 2005, during perhaps the Packers worst season to memory, I couldn’t convince Matt to head over there to watch a game. If you can imagine what they were like when their team was good, imagine what they were like when their team was on their way to a 5 win season…But, to this day, the dish smashing and yelling of “Superbowl” remains the pinnacle of impulsive sports stories for my friends and me. I always said that if my team won the Superbowl, I would actually go and smash all my plates and I will take pictures and record it and everything.

However, perhaps the best news for my dishes, is that I am a Vikings fan and will probably never see that happen…

The Vikings play the Packers in Lambeau Field tomorrow night in the Wild Card Round. What are your predictions for the game?

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