Candle Scents Yankee Should Make!

Someone should totally make these! I completely agree with the new card smell. If anyone has ever opened a pack of fresh cards, that smell is intoxicating. I also would love to add to this list:

New Book Smell

Smell of seasons (fall, summer, spring)

Laundry Exhaust (not the linen smell that is out there already, the exhaust from a dryer mid task)

What else would you guys add?

 - Image 1

 - Image 1

 - Image 1

9 Scented Candles Id Actually Buy That Theyll Never Make - Image 12


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  1. D

     /  March 15, 2013

    Bath & Body Works actually has a real candle now called, “Poolside” that smells like…a chlorinated pool.


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