Top 5 Actors I Would Love to See Be The Next Doctor!

So long Matt Smith.

It has been officially announced that Matt Smith will no longer be the Doctor. Of course that is sad news since he was so good at playing a weird, quirky alien with such a dark, brooding side as well. Even though the news is really sad in a way, like saying goodbye to a great friend, the Doctor’s regeneration is such an important and refreshing part of the show. We also get to have fun speculating who the next actor would be to play the part. The issues are that you need to find someone that can play such an emotional, spread out character. You have to go from threatening to loving to appreciating to hatred in the matter of five on screen seconds. It is a tall task, one in which who ever they pick will be asked to do. So here are 5 actors I would love to see as the 12th Doctor…

5. Andrew Garfield – He has already been on the show as an actor, so who knows if that would work out or if they would have to do some writing around him, but they could do it. The kid has proven that he can carry a movie and I think he has the ability to be dark as well as humorous (like in The Amazing Spiderman).

4. Jesse Eisenberg – Garfield’s co-star in The Social Network would be another great option…Eisenberg could be a wonderful American-born Doctor. He would certainly excel in a role of an inquisitive, fast talking, nerdy Doctor. His Doctor would probably tend to be more silly and socially awkward like early Matt Smith. He has wonderful timing in his delivery for that part of the Doctor for sure, and would probably be more blocky and stiff movement wise than Matt Smith was. Jesse also showed us the ability to be a little dark in The Social Network, although there is certainly a lot to be desired.

3. Rupert Grint – He is a young actor and clearly well known due to his work as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. He excelled at comedic relief in movies that were often time super dark. The circumstances around him in the HP movies were almost always sinister in nature, but we loved him as an audience. I think he could bring that same idea to Doctor Who. Funny, silly and goofy with that big smile…and finally, the Doctor could regenerate and be a ginger!

2. Benedict Cumberbatch – This one would be too good to be true. Benedict already works with Stephen Moffit on the show Sherlock, so why couldn’t he be the 12th Doctor too? Well, perhaps Moffit wouldn’t like the overlap or fear that the characters would seem too similar…Who knows? But Benedict would be the perfect person to play the dark side of the Doctor. Perhaps too perfect in a way. Despite making the jump to Hollywood in the most recent Star Trek movie, Benedict still will return as Sherlock (shooting now) so who knows what will come of that when they are filming…

1. Hugh Laurie – Sure, Hugh is a little on the older side, but his character of House (who, coincidentally is just a reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes) was exactly everything we love about the Doctor. He was goofy, silly, serious, spiteful, hateful, appreciative, and inquisitive. Hugh proved that he can be mean to a person, appreciate an enemy (a disease), become obsessive over a puzzle, and then turn around and teach valuable lessons all while having a touch of silliness. If I could cast one person as the Doctor, it would be this man in a second. Plus, he could talk in his normal English accent.

Who do you think wold make a good Doctor? Leave your comments in the section below. Would any women out there make a good Doctor?!

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  1. I totally agree with Hugh Laurie, but yeah, it would be nice if we could just magically take off a few years. If we could shave a few years (and a few pounds) off Stephen Fry, I’d vote for him as The Doctor too.


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