Comic-Con Survival Guide!


Dear friends,

A lot has happened in my life the past couple of days…hence the site inactivity. I have accepted a new job, moved to a new city and for awhile was without internet. However, before I left Los Angeles, one of the new projects I was working on was a brand new website with some friends. We called ourselves the “d6 Mafia”. (For any of you that do not know what “d6” means, it is the nerdy short form of referring to a 6 sided die.)

The new website, will feature a lot more nerdy content, including original articles. I will be contributing over there as well. So please check it out! As most of us over at the site are writers, film people, or actors, we will also be producing short videos and original content. I am so proud to be presenting the first of many videos! The Comic-Con Survival guide! Enjoy!


17 People at Comic Conventions!

To all my friends at SDCC, enjoy your weekend!!

17 More People You See At Every Nerd Convention

I Believe That You Are a “Dork”!

Is Math Real??

So, does math exist?! This video presents two ideas…one, that the concept of Math exists on its own in the universe and we discover it and its functions like species on this planet and the other is that we humans have created Math and use it as a metaphor, a story, to describe other things…check out this crazy video. What do you think?!

Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation?


Jocks vs Nerds? Michael Jordan Makes His Case!

Here are some amazing facts about one of my favorite sports stars ever.


If you need more on this subject, check out Chris Rock’s “Rich vs Wealthy”.

50 Misconceptions Revealed!

Mental Floss

Here are 50 misconceptions like “Sushi does not mean raw fish, it means sour rice”. Enjoy!