Duel-List: Dodger Stadium!


Today, we take a look at two sides of one argument…is Dodger Stadium a good place or a bad place to go? We have friend of the site Nic Thorson here to help out today. He will be taking the reason Dodger Stadium stinks, and by virtue of that, I am tasked with defending it. So, let us get to the lists. Here is Nic’s:

Before my list, I want to start by saying that I actually like the Dodgers.  I like Dodger Stadium – the stadium part.  It’s a simplified, classic venue for America’s pastime on a huge scale.  Even though it’s the third oldest in MLB, and boasts a capacity of 57,000, making it the largest in the world, there’s not a bad seat in the house.  That being said… I don’t really like going there all that much.  Here’s why.

5.  It is unbearably hot during day games.  That’s to be expected given the climate.  The problem is, the beautiful open-air stadium on the side of a mountain, with all its scenic glory, has is no shade anywhere in the early afternoon.  You need a break from the sun?  Have fun watching the monitors over by the Dodger Dog stand.  Oh, and as long as I’m on the topic – Dodger Dogs are just hot dogs, and not even good ones.

4.  People need to stop throwing shit!  This stadium can really do the wave well… possibly better than anywhere. Maybe that’s why people feel the need to bring their “99 Cent Store Only” beach balls to every game.  As Jeff can attest to, this is a real bad idea when there are nacho cheese containers and giant-sized Diet Pepsi cups all over the place. (editors note: the one time I tried to keep a beach ball in play, i swatted it right into the chest of an old woman who JUST sat down with a brand new plate of nachos and a super large diet pepsi. Spilled all over her. I felt terrible. moving on…)

Paper airplanes are the new fan-favorite distraction.  These things are flying all over the place! One nearly made it to the pitchers mound during the last game I attended.  Most of them tend to just dive-bomb people in the next section.  How rude!  What it comes down to is this: you are either an adult throwing crap around, or you are an adult allowing a child to throw crap around… STOP!  How is this in any way appropriate public behavior?

3.  There are celebrity endorsements at every game.  Clearly, no one listens to Haley Duff tell people not to throw crap onto the field anyway!  I get that Universal has a big money in Dodger stadium, but do I really need to see a three-minute clip of “Field of Dreams” or the dance sequence from “The Breakfast Club” at every game?  The whole thing has a minor-league feel on a major-league budget.  And when it comes down to it, I’d rather see Dennis Haskins shoot a brat gun at a Double A game than see another trailer for “The Hangover 3”. Does any of this add to the experience of the game?  Is anyone here to watch baseball?  More on that later.

2.  “The other team sucks” chants.  Really, it’s the attitude of the fans.  OK, call me biased because I am rooting for a visiting team 3 games out of the year, but I also hate it when the chant goes out to teams I could care less about.  There’s no reason for hostility towards other fans, especially when you are so short-sighted to base your arrogance on one game, when in recent years, your team kinda sucks.

The attitude of the stadium is so bad, it has proven to be dangerous.  Years ago, a man was beaten within an inch of his life for wearing the wrong jersey in the parking lot.  Security was stepped up, but then another similar incident happened.  You can say these are isolated incidents, but I have been physically threatened at a game.  I have been pushed and grabbed.  I’ve had food thrown at me.

1.  Pretty much all of the above can be seen as effects of the one biggest problem… Dodger Stadium is in Los Angeles.  Angelinos don’t know a lot of… stuff.  80% of the crowd don’t know much about baseball and really don’t care.  The stadium is packed for giveaway days, but never before the third inning.  I rarely meet a Dodger fan that knows more about their own team than I do.

Now, I’m not going to rag on casual or fair weather fans.  They deserve as much enjoyment out of the game as anyone else and may eventually grow into diehards.  The problem is, when they gather is such high proportions, there is no one to offer an example of the code of conduct at a game.  And in LA, public behavior usually boils down to every person wanting to be the center of attention.  In turn, it is far less enjoyable for people who go to the stadium to watch baseball.

Nice list dude. I have the tall task now of defending Dodger Stadium. So here it goes:

5. Accessibility: Something that is quite simple. but should not be overlooked. This ball park is in it’s own little area in the metropolis of LA. It has parking enough for the whole stadium, and you can even park just outside and walk in. Since Magic Johnson and his group of business men took over, the parking cost has even gone down. All this means is that it is easy to get to and from the game. Have you ever tried to get to a ball park in the middle of a city? Parking costs are sky high, the metro or lightrails are packed full or people, and everyone is just pissed off. Not so much here. You can get in and out of Dodger stadium with ease.

4. The stadium is huge: The bowl itself is super large. What that means is cheap tickets! You can get up and go to a Dodgers game and experience a wonderful baseball game for as little as $2! Now, you might be thinking, “Those are for the bad seats”…well just wait until point number 2 on this list. Another bonus of the stadium being so large is that it has a rather laid back feel to it. There is room to put things. Your knees aren’t in your chest the entire time. If a fat person is sitting right next to you, he isn’t rolling over into your lap. It is a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the game.

3. All you can eat: This is the money section. For about $30, you can get a ticket in the outfield All-You-Can-Eat pavilion where, well, you can gorge yourself on as much food as you want. Hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, popcorn…it’s all there and you can literally just help yourself in a cafeteria line style setting. With prices being as high as they are, usually one trip to the food stand more than justifies the $30 price of admission…but one more trip and you are already getting value on your investment. And, if you are like my friends, that second trip will never be your last. Load up on hot dogs baby!

2. Not a bad seat in the house: There truly is not a bad seat in the house as far as viewing the game goes. There are no poles to contend with. There are no weird discount seats where you are facing the wrong way for some reason. The design of the stadium allows for you to feel close to the field regardless of where you are sitting. The view is always good. Even in the upper most seats, you are not on top of someone trying to look over them to see the field. This is a stadium that is sprawled out over a large area, not crammed into a small city block or built like a cylinder so a roof can fit on it. Nic mentions the weather as an issue…well, that only seems to play during day games. During evening games, the weather is so nice, cool and temperate. The whole “romantic” image of a baseball game can be felt anywhere in Dodger stadium.

1. Theme nights: Dodger Stadium has some great theme nights. Star Trek, support of the Iraq veterans, Bark and the park, but of course, the best one, STAR WARS NIGHT! People dressing up as Star Wars characters, all you can eat food (see number 2) and Chewbacca throwing out the opening pitch! The  Dodger Stadium theme nights are a blast. I personally cannot wait to get back there again for one of these nights. Also, during the last Star Wars night, I got Jay Bruce to acknowledge my presence. I then traded for him in Fantasy and he helped me make the playoffs. Thanks buddy.

Alright, so there is the argument…Here is the question that needs answering…DO YOU LIKE DODGER STADIUM AS A SPORTS VENUE??