Top 5 Romances/Couples/Relationships in Sci-Fi!

About a week ago, I was asked by my friend Andrea (who runs things over at to come up with a top 5 list of sci-fi romances. I had some questions for her and decided to come up with just really memorable relationships in sci-fi, whether they be romantic or not. Although most are. Anyway, you can find Andrea’s list that she has provided on her site here! Be sure to check it out.

Here is mine:

5. Rose and Ten: These two perhaps never were romantic on screen. But man did they love one another. Their love was so strong that Rose tried to come back through the time rift to find the Doctor. But their love started the way all love stories start…an alien who looks like a human comes to Earth in a blue police box that is bigger on the inside and whisks a girl away and shows her the world. Rose is the skeptical girl who wants to believe there is so much out there, but has been let down so many times that she just no longer believes it. It is almost like Aladdin or something. Jasmine (Rose is not a princess, but forgive that) is jaded and along comes this dude who can fly her around the world.,.instant love. We get to know this alien, known as the Doctor, more and more and then one day, poof, he dies. But then, he comes back and is different and is hansom and funny and quirky and vengeful and all these things and Rose just falls for him. Now, that is nothing new. A lot of companions fall for the Doctor. But what makes this so special is that the Doctor fell for Rose! The problem is, when he finally realized his feelings, he was just a little too late and…well, she was gone. And the Doctor, as tragic as he is, had to move on and keep living without her.

Memorable moments: riding around on that scooter in the pink skirt, that last scene where he almost gets to say “I love you”

4. Wash and Zoe (Firefly): These two are far more silly. A perfect example of the Olive theory…two completely opposite people complimenting one another perfectly. Zoe is a battle hardened soldier, a veteran of the war, and a no non-sense type of officer. Her husband, Wash, is a clowning, laid back pilot who got the job mostly because no one else was available at the time. But he did have a long list of references. The two grew to love one another and were eventually married. They were the ‘classic’ love on the ship Serenity in Joss Whedon’s show Firefly. The two of them were brilliant together and fun to watch. The episode Wash question’s Zoe’s love for him over that of her Captain’s is still one of the best episodes that show had to offer. Zoe, of course, chose Wash in the end.

Memorable moments: the scene they first meet, Wash’s tragic death

3. Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan (Starcraft): These two! With a love this complicated, and quite frankly, truly epic, how were they ever going to miss the list? A love that spans years and planets with bloodshed and war, somehow these two met up and fell in love. But that, my friends is just the start. Kerrigan was a ghost, a special forces agent who would go into hostile territory to scout and, if need be, nuke a planet. Raynor was a rebel, someone who was content minding his own. But then the war happened. And the Terran (human) race had to band together under the rule of Arcturus Mengsk. Mengsk betrayed Kerrigan, leaving her to die in a swarm of Zerg, an evil alien race. Joke was on him however, as his betrayal forced Raynor to leave the Terran dominion to find Kerrigan, who was now a human/zerg hybrid. Following with me so far?

Kerrigan goes on a rampage of revenge, doing all she can to destroy her enemies, chief among them, Mengsk. Her rage burns so hot that she basically kills off any rivals to her own army and then starts unleashing war on anyone in her way. Raynor tries to get through to her, and eventually, does find her. The thing is, despite the way she looks and the things she has done, Raynor still loves her. He loves her with all his heart and Kerrigan even loves him back. Which makes the last scene of the most recent game so heart breaking. Kerrigan finally, with the help of Raynor, gets her revenge on Mengsk. And just when you think Raynor and Kerrigan can finally settle down with one another, he looks at her and he knows she has to go. They can’t be together. At least not now, not the way the world is now. And he knows he has to let her go. And they both know they have to keep fighting so they CAN be together. A whole race of the universe will have to be wiped out first so these two can finally be with one another. That, my friends, is literally Epic.

Memorable scene: Kerrigan being overran, Raynor finding Kerrigan, Raynor letting her go.

(Nerdy tie in: The voice of Kerrigan is that of Tricia Helfer who plays Caprica 6 on Battlestar Galactica. Caprica 6 is on Andrea’s list making her the only person to have two different characters on our lists.)

2. Han Solo and Princess Leia (Star Wars): You know the only thing I have to bring up is this simple but powerful exchange:

“I love you.”

“I know.”

Wow. Be still my heart. Han the hansome rouge and Leia the warrior princess…these two had no business being together at all. But fate, or random events and choices, however you look at the world, brought them together. And, well, the rest is history. We all know this story, so just watch this and know that I am right on this one:

Memorable scenes: “Who’s scruffy looking?”, “Hold me.”

1. Admiral William Adama and President Laura Roslin: The slowest building relationship out of all of these, these two had to wait and wait and wait until they could not only admit their feelings, but until they would ALLOW themselves to feel these feelings. Adama was in charge of the safety of the fleet and every human left in existence  The President was in charge of making sure the human way of life was some what preserved and that we didn’t fall victim to killing ourselves. Those two tasks, given the fact that humans were continuously being chased down by robots trying to kill them, seemed like they would take up about 100% of your waking hours. But as there was starting to be some light at the end of the tunnel, these two relaxed a little bit and started to grow into one another. They even talked about finally finding Earth and building a small cabin together where they could live out their days. When Roslin was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, it was Adama who came down to read to her. And it was Adama who waited for her in a raptor by himself with no guarantee she would ever show up. These two were so damn heart warming and heart wrenching. Two people that started off as adversaries jockeying for control of the last remaining humans, figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of one another, then starting to grow together and finally starting to love one another. It was a beautiful thing to watch unfold on screen. Finally, as Roslin passes away, we see Adama content in life and start work on his cabin he promised her. Ugh, my heart.

Memorable moments: These two dancing at colonial day, Adama waiting in the raptor, Adama introducing Roslin to a thunderous applause.

Remember, your trip through space relationships is not done yet! Punch it over to the deflector dish to see more love among the stars!


Dorklyst: The Seven Most Tragic Deaths Caused By Joss Whedon!

The Dorklyst: The 7 Most Tragic Deaths Caused By Joss Whedon - Image 10

You know what is crazy? Joss Whedon is responsible for third highest grossing film of all time. I feel like that is a crazy statement. Either way, Joss is also responsible for some amazing TV shows and other things…but this list is not really about that. It is about the tragic death scenes he provides. You can find the list over at by following this link here. Be careful though, there are spoilers!

The Dorklyst: The 7 Most Tragic Deaths Caused By Joss Whedon - Image 1


Top 5 Fan Favorite TV Characters!

A week ago, I asked you guys to vote on who your favorite TV characters were. You can find that post here. has tallied all the votes and you can now look at the results of America’s choices. That link can be found here for the top 25.

Now, not everyone agrees with that out come. I, for one, do not. Although voting in that format of picking one over another until you get your best choice is tedious and often times impossible, now we can open up the format and you can include anyone one you want. So, here is my list of top 5 favorite TV characters:

(This list, by the way, is incredibly tough to do and is sort of like “what is your favorite song?”…it shifts. So these are my “sort of, I am pretty sure these are my five in no order, but they might not be my five tomorrow or even in a few hours” list of TV Characters!)

Mal Reynolds

Place on College Humor Poll: 24

Malcom Reynolds is the man. The show Firefly was awesome. And if I had to make a top 5 of the characters from that show, Mal would barely beat out Jayne. But a man that sort of has honor but also has no problem shooting people in the face is alright with me. I know people still want to see this show come back, but perhaps the way it is now will make it more famous than it ever would be otherwise. Malcom Reynolds can be Nathan Fillion’s defining role, and like Collegehumor said, that is just fine by us.


 Place on College Humor Poll: Unranked

Tony Soprano might not be the “best” in terms of funny or exciting, but man does following his life make for a great show. And even though he might not have the slapping knee humor of Barney Stinson, Tony can rattle of some wonderful jokes. He is also a total bad ass. Tony does what is right (by his family, not really morally) almost every single time. Despite being in the mob, the case study of “how to be a great manager” could have at least 3 chapters in it devoted to this guy. Thank you Tony!


The DoctorPlace on College Humor Poll: 12

The Doctor is a character that changes over time. I suppose you would have to in order to look that good at 900 years old…just ask Yoda. But every single time he changes, he is always silly and quirky but also has an extreme sense of love and honor. Of course, if you cross that, he won’t hesitate in destroying you. Basically, if you ever meet him and get the chance to travel with him, be prepared to do a TON of running and probably never see your family again…or just politely decline and tell him that his bow-tie is “cool”.


Tyrion LannisterPlace on the College Humor Poll: 8

Tyrion Lannister is new to the TV world, only being around for 2 seasons of show, but already has become a household name. His quick wit, amazing plans, and fearlessness in slapping his boy king nephew has taken the hearts of everyone that watches the show. I think we, as people who want to be good for the most part, want to like the Starks as a family, but the Lannisters are just so much more fun! Tyrion might not win a sword fight any time soon (which doesn’t seem to matter when you have people to fight for you like Bronn…and, well, the other guy from…shit, spoilers!), but it is a good bet he will be around for a long while with that brain of his. (P)imp’in ain’t easy!

HousePlace on College Humor Poll: 7

Dr. Gregory House is a total asshole. But he also DOES have a heart. He just will never show it. He has an extreme devotion to truth and not to your dying cousin. Sorry. One is way more important to him than the other. In one episode, he tells a story of how a janitor saved a girl from dying when doctors couldn’t and when the doctors offered the janitor a job, he declined. He said the janitor didn’t want riches or fame, he was just happy knowing that he was right. I think that sums up House pretty well. “I can be a dick because I am right and you are wrong.”


So there is my quick list of five. Sorry to Admiral Adama, Hank Moody, George Costanza, Barney Stinson, Jesse Pinkman, and COUNTLESS others that have made me laugh, choke up, swear, cheer, and inspire me! Hopefully TV will just keep getting better and better! (Seriously, can we cancel Honey boo-boo yet?)

Who makes your top 5? Do you agree with the College Humor list? Who would you add to the list if you could? Who doesn’t deserve to even be on the damn list!? Discuss in the comments below!



Top 5 TV Shows You Would Love To See Come Back!

Don’t you just wish you could get one more season, or in some cases, more than one season overall for that awesome show you loved?! Some shows (like Lost or House) ended on their terms, but some shows were perhaps cut a little short leaving us wanting more. What are the top 5 shows you wish would return?

5. Deadwood – This spot could have gone to any number of shows. I thought of every childhood show I loved, The West Wing, Studio 60, Six Feet Under, Battlestar Galactica, etc, but then I gave it to Deadwood for one reason: Al Swearengen. Is that enough for you to understand? No? Well Swearengen is one of my favorite characters of all time. Dude is the epitomy of bad ass. He is the foul mouthed brothel owner that simply does not care about you or the horse you rode in on. Alas, when you make a show about a town that burns down, you have an expiration date. Sort of like making a movie about the Titanic. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see more of Al Swearengen.

4. Party Down – Seriously, this show was stopped way too soon. Again, a show that might have been before it’s time, it was a show that lost actors to other roles. Jayne Lynch left for Glee and Adam Scott left for Park’s and Recreation, which is too bad since this show was better than both of those shows! There is at least a little hope for this show making a comeback, at least in the form of a movie. Evidence here.

3. The Sopranos – Maybe it ended on a weird note and I honestly believe that Tony Soprano was shot and killed, but do they have to take that away from us?! What if he wasn’t? I know there wouldn’t be much of a show without Tony, but there is no closure for the family either! AND WHY COULDN’T MEADOW JUST PARK THAT DAMN CAR!? This was a show that left us with some many questions they should make one more season just to let us know!

2. Seinfeld – Maybe everyone is a little older. Maybe the actors are finding other interests or just huge racists, but I would wager the 76 million households that watched the Finale would probably tune in to see a reunion as well. In the meantime, we will have to get our fix on the endless repeats that can be found at almost any time of the day and with some Curb Your Enthusiasm.

1. Firefly – Obviously. If you haven’t seen this show yet, please do yourself a favor. A show that was utterly screwed up by FOX by airing episodes out of order, this show was perhaps before it’s time. Were it aired now, in a culture much more accepting of “geeks and nerds”, it might have thrived. This is the show that everyone hopes might make a comeback some day, and with the success of Joss Whedon and the Avengers, who knows? Maybe someday? We can at least hope for it!


What are some shows you want to see return?!