If Game of Thrones Characters Were Pokemon Trainers!


Daenerys Targaryen

If Game of Thrones Characters Were Pokemon Trainers

Rayquaza, Reshiram, and Zekrom: These three dragon-type Pokemon represent Daenerys’ three dragons – the green Rhaegal, the white Viserion, and the black Drogon.

Rapidash: The fiery horse Pokemon represents Khal Drogo, leader of the horselords of Essos, who trekked across the burnt desert with Daenerys as his Khaleesi.

Ursaring: The bear represents Ser Jorah Mormont, of Bear Island – Daenerys’ bodyguard and advisor.

Hydreigon: The three-headed dragon-type Pokemon represents House Targaryen’s sigil of a three-headed dragon. I know she already has three dragons in this, but c’mon, just go with it.

Jon Snow

If Game of Thrones Characters Were Pokemon Trainers

Glaceon: The ice-type Eevee evolution represents Ghost, Jon Snow’s direwolf companion.

Beartic: The ice-type bear Pokemon represents Jon Snow’s home in the icy North.

Murkow: The crow Pokemon represents Jon Snow’s pledge to the Night’s Watch – who often are referred to as ‘crows’ by the Wildlings.

Cubone: The ground-type, mother’s skull-wearing Pokemon represents the death of Jon Snow’s mother, an event that has defined him for much of his life. Also, like Cubone, Jon Snow is sad ALL THE TIME.

Lampent: Lampents steal spirits away, sorta like those ice-zombie things north of the Wall. Also, they’re ghosts, and Jon Snow has a direwolf named Ghost? Yeah, it’s a stretch, but so is the entire idea of Pokemon existing in this series.

Froslass: Well, this is a ghost and an ice-type. Jon Snow’s always up in the ice, plus his last name is ‘Snow,’ and the whole “having a dog named Ghost” thing. Although, if we’re being honest here, Jon Snow’s got a lot on his hands already, he doesn’t really have time to be training Pokemon. And if he were training Pokemon for some reason, he probably would just make the best team he possibly could – not stick to some kind of personal “theme.” Like, he probably wouldn’t really want THREE Ice-types.

Tyrion Lannister

If Game of Thrones Characters Were Pokemon Trainers

Entei: It’s a lion? And that’s the sigil of House Lannister? I know it’s a Legendary Pokemon and all, but whatever, maybe they bought it somehow. Yeah, let’s go with that. The Lannisters would probably just buy a bunch of awesome Pokemon.

Meowth: He likes money. I mean, he sucks, but the whole money thing works pretty well, right?

Sableye: When I googled “Imp Pokemon,” he was the first one to come up, so here we are.

Ludicolo: He seems like he’d be a big party guy Pokemon, right? Tyrion’s pretty down with partying too. Also, there was no “wine Pokemon.” Or “grape Pokemon.” Maybe there will be in X/Y though, so maybe I should have held off on this another month or so.

Snorlax: He’s lazy? Tyrion’s pretty lazy for a while in the beginning.

Missingno: Well, many in Westeros view little people as aberrations from nature, so…well, I know Missingno isn’t “technically” an actual Pokemon but…c’mon guys. Are you gonna start disagreeing or something? These are two entirely separate fantasy universes, so agreeing or disagreeing is pointless. There are no Pokemon in Westeros, period. This is just one guy on the internet combining two things the internet likes with a bare minimum amount of logic applied. I mean, if Pokemon WERE in this world, the entire history would probably be a whole lot different. Really, if any society had Pokemon that were real in it, everyone would be dead so fast. Like, look at some of these things. There are so many dragons and fire-horses and ghosts and FLOATINGWHALES and all kinds of crazy monsters that would kill everything in their path. Then again, pretty much everyone in these books do get horribly killed. So maybe it DOES make sense to put them together?

All I know is that if you WERE going to combine Pokemon and Game of Thrones, you would pretty much haveto have Melisandre giving birth to a Gastly.

All right. Fine.

If Game of Thrones Characters Were Pokemon Trainers

Westros (And Essos) As the USA!

Understanding Game of Thrones as an American


Kings Landing = Washington, DC

It’s the capitol, it’s full of corrupt people vying for titles, and it’s built on the backs of the poor. Everyone is vying for the Iron Throne and it’s hard to figure out who to root for.


Winterfell = Boston, MA

Beautiful in the summer and uninhabitable in the winter. The inhabitants incorrectly think their city is the center of the empire. It is, however, the only real city in its region. (Providence? Really?) The people there are honorable and resilient, and spend much of their time watching sports. Not many black people.


The King’s Road = I-95

A highly trafficked route from Winterfell to King’s Landing, the road is littered with inns and merchants. There are also many bandits who live alongside it in dangerous places like New Haven, Newark, and Baltimore.


Beyond the Wall = Canada

It’s cold, it’s vast, and it’s terrifying. But the wildlings are a good people once you get to know them. Also it’s governed by a monarch far away who doesn’t actually hold any real power in the people’s minds.


Castle Black = Canadian Border Crossing

This is all that separates us from the unknown terror of the great white north. Also it’s manned by a bunch of humorless guys that don’t get laid.


The Iron Islands = Pittsburgh, PA

Cold, wet, gray, and nicknamed for metal, this is a place that was once prominent but is now full of working class people and pirates. And the pirates have been horrible for many years.


Casterly Rock = New York City

The regional capital (and the financial center of the Empire), it used to be ruled by a different group – until they were tricked into trusting a foreigner. Now it’s ruled by rich people who think they’re better parents than they are.


Lannisport = Greenwich, CT

Situated close to the main city, but far enough away that the citizens don’t need to be bothered. Also, it’s full of money and incest.


Harrenhal = Chicago, IL

It’s rich, and it’s on the way to most things. But the governing of it seems to be cursed as no one can rule it for long. And it burnt down once.


Valyria = Detroit, MI

Due to its fearsome beasts with great abilities to travel, this was once the center of the world and a shining jewel of civilization. But then a cataclysmic event rendered it a smoldering ruin of its former glory. The only thing that endures is a bit of their ancient music. And the secrets of manufacturing things there have long been forgotten.


Dorn = Napa Valley, CA

Remote area known for women, wine, and boringness.


The Dreadfort = North Dakota

A stronghold of the north but nowhere near as important as the center of the region. And unless you’re from here, living here is torture.


Qarth = Savannah, GA

A wealthy port city, the inhabitants think that it’s the greatest city that ever was or will be, and yet no one outside the city cares. Filled with many rich creepy people.


The Twins = West Virginia

A location that would be pointless were it not a river crossing en route to other, better places. It’s filled with homely women with the occasional hot one sprinkled in. Also, weddings here can get out of hand.


Lys = Atlantic City, NJ

There are two main characteristics: it’s surrounded by rough sea, and it’s known far and wide for its pleasure houses.


High Garden = Berkeley, CA

In the far reaches of the realm, it is known as a flowery place with lax sexual attitudes. Also a garden of high.


Volantis = Santa Barbara, CA

A rich, old coastal village where the slaves aren’t allowed to ever touch the nobility.


Storm’s End = San Francisco, CA

A coastal city with a mighty fortress on the Bay. And it’s gay friendly.


Yunkai = Reno, NV

A desert town that is known for its sex slaves and incompetent defenses.


Dothrak = Texas

Incorrectly thinks it’s an independent country just because everyone there has weapons. Meanwhile most people who live in the capitol are unaware that this is a place.


Vaes Dothrak = Austin, TX

The cultural center of a vast wasteland, where the barbaric activities of the surrounding areas are banned within city walls. Full of people who struck out on their own because they hate their parents.


Red Waste = West Texas



Top 5 Scenes from Game Of Thrones Season 3!

Ok, so obviously there will be spoilers…but this show has been over for a month now so I think it is ok to talk openly about this season. This season of Thrones was lulling at some points but always wonderful. Every scene was packed with wonderful acting, amazing writing and beautiful sets. Here are my top 5 favorite scenes from this season:

5. Tywin and Olenna have a chat – A scene that never really happened in the books, this wonderful scene was a total battle on screen. Two powerhouses going at it with words and threats instead of swords and knives, this scene saw the balance in power shift from Tywin to Olenna back to Tywin in a matter of minutes. With commentary one what power is and whether homosexuality is a normal thing or an abomination, this scene was beautifully crafted. Not to mention there are some truly comedic moments!

4. Arya Killing a man – We have seen Arya be around death for quite some time now. We have seen her even mistakenly kill a fat stable boy. We have seen her pray for the death of others, seen her take names of people she wants to kill and even seen her ask for death. But in the last episode, we see a stunned, world shattered Arya finally snap and outright murder a man. That, ladies and gentleman, was so cold stuff. She played the part of a lost, hungry little girl and then BOOM, with mastery and precision, stabbed a dude multiple times in the neck. That simple. That awesome.

3. Dany Freeing the Unsullied – Daenarys is someone that is rather boring to me. She is just so, I don’t know, blaaaaah. Especially show Dany. She is preachy and one minded. This season was no different at all. But she does shine in a scene that is ripped pretty much directly from the books. She quietly barters for the Unsullied, listening to the foul tongue trader berate her and call her a whore. She gathers information, realizes how the system works and when the slaves are finally hers, she orders them to kill all the slavers. She basically frees a city, gains an army and makes a name for herself all in one go. The scene is wonderfully shot with the amazingly triumphant music blaring in the background. Really well done.

2. Red Wedding – How is this not number one?! Well, it was really well done. Everything from the look on Roose Bolton’s stone face when Cat pulls back his tunic, Robb’s surprise when he stands up and takes an arrow to the chest, and Caitlyn’s powerful, empty scream at the end of all the madness before he throat is slit. Perhaps the best scenes are the fallout from all this, when we find that it was Tywin who orchestrated the whole thing but will take none of the blame because people will remember it was the Frey’s that committed such a terrible crime. Even Roose Bolton, who personally stabbed Robb to death, is disgusted with Walder Frey. The whole plot was truly brilliant. The scene was as well.

1. Jaime and Brienne take a bath – Perhaps the best piece of acting in season three and one that should at least get NCW a best supporting actor nomination, we finally find out what happened in the throne room 14 or so years ago. We finally get to see the inside of Jaime Lannister, someone who has always deflected everything away from him with either wit, sarcasm or his sword. But we have started to see Jaime lose it, piece by piece, and finally, his secret and his burden he has lived with for so long finally come spilling out. Brienne just sits there with a shocked, un-judging look on her face as Jaime recounts the story of choosing between his oath to a king and his oath to his people. Jaime has been dropping us hints the entire time, by the way, of his burden. He tries to tell Eddard he saw his father and brother burn, he tries to justify how he has only loved one woman and never had an affair, and then there is this quote:

What would you do if you were him? What vow would you forsake? He chose and he has been haunted by it ever since. That scene also served as the death of “The Kingslayer” and the re-birth of Jaime Lannister!

What are your favorite scenes of this past season?

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks!

From collegehumor.com

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks


Some More Game of Thrones Artwork!

The third season has concluded and we have so much more to look forward to! I haven’t done one of these in awhile and there are new things coming out every day…so enjoy some of them here! Take a look:

Coming next season!



Next Gen Consoles as Game of Thrones Characters!

There is something to this I guess…What new systems will you guys be getting?

Next Gen Consoles as Game of Thrones Characters