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Top 5 Fictional Characters That Could Make Awesome Presidents!

With the election coming up, I figured it would be a fun exorcise to throw out some fictitious candidates from all over different mediums and see who you guys think would make a good president. Here are 5 candidates to mull over:

1. Tyrion Lannister – He might be a little person, but this guy has wit and brain power. He comes from a wealthy, famous family. He is able to handle money and could probably solve the debt crisis among other things. He might not be the best public speaker or handler of people, but he is exceptional in budgeting as well as military strategy. He is also not above asking for help and deferring to other, more knowledgeable, people. His running mate would be Bronn, who would serve as VP and be involved in the formation of a military.

Tyrion and Bronn

2. Tony Soprano – Now you might think that Tony Soprano would fail as a president because of his track record, but this guy can run an organization. He understands management practices and how to maintain and nurture connections. He ultimately just wants to do good business and put his family in the best possible position to succeed. Perhaps his background is a little shady, but he always seems to make the right choices…at least for his organization…which in this case would be the USA. Silvio Dante would be his running mate, who can keep Tony’s anger in check and also provide wise, outside the box council and take care of anyone that doesn’t agree with the new regime.

Tony and Silvio

3. Splinter – Sure he was born in Japan, but it was on a military base (or at least I am going to assume so for this argument). Splinter is wise, caring, calm and a wonderful father figure, which is just what this country needs. He would be an immediate calming influence in the political world, someone who doesn’t jump to conclusions and can hear out both sides of an argument before passing judgement. If he raised 4 mutant teenagers in the sewers of New York City, how hard could dealing with some old men sniveling over a gun law be for Splinter? Donatello would run beside his sensei and be a problem solver and spearhead a revolution in the way we view and use technology.

Donatello and Splinter

4. Gandalf – This dude has literally seen it all before. A war hero, he comes highly recommended for the job. He has declined being a leader many times, citing that he doesn’t want the spotlight, but this time he was finally talked into taking control. A man who is wise but still powerful, Gandalf would lead peace talks all over the world, and other countries will listen. He is also going to seek out all possible race relations, including those with elves and dwarves. But anyone that tries to spread darkness in the world, look out. Gandalf will end it swiftly and violently. Aragorn would be his VP. Many of you might think Aragorn would be the better figure head, but Aragorn is content with being with his family and helping behind the scenes instead of up on the podium.

Aragorn and Gandalf

5. Jack Shepard – A medical mind and natural leader, this candidate is looking to further our sciences. When he speaks, people tend to listen. He is an attractive man but tends to shy away from that to put the betterment of the group ahead of personal satisfaction. He does his best with the information presented to him and makes informed choices. He surrounds himself with experts that he has spirited debates with, but also listens to. Perhaps a little stubborn at times, but also quick to apologize. Schooling is important to him and kids will be educated far better than they are now. There will be medical advances taking place as well as other sciences. John Locke, some would say Jack’s polar opposite, will help bring balance to Jack’s campaign and hopefully win the faith based vote for him. It remains to be seen if Jack and John can coexist.

Shephard and Locke

Other candidates to consider:

Andy Dufrane/Red – Help organize our budgets as well as cut down on the imprisoned.

Greg House/Cuddy – Truly objective look at the issues in the oval office and someone that would never cater to a political party.

President Roselyn/Admiral Adama – They steered the last remaining humans to safety from the evil Cylons. I don’t see why they couldn’t do it again.

Professor Charles Xavier/Beast – Think of what they could do for human/mutant relations!

Palpatine/Darth Vader – Sure they failed to stop some terrorists from blowing up a huge building with small, flying ships that ended thousands of lives…but hey, they deserve a second chance right? Oh…wait…

So what do you think? Who would you vote for? Any other candidates you want to throw into the mix?