If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks!

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If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks

If Popular TV Shows Were on Other Networks



The Walking Dead: WTF??

We here at the Top 5 have been pretty pleased overall with the turn around this show has taken in it’s third season. Although it was far superior to its other seasons, the show The Walking Dead is by no means perfect…in fact, it is filled with more holes than the wall behind whoever the Governor’s target is…Here is a list of photos pointing out some of the wonderful flaws in the show. Enjoy!












That guy drinking water in a sea of zombies



































How zombies keep getting in the jail



















Just because....


Top 5 Moments in Television in 2012!

WARNING!!! THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW!!! Feel free to just pass up the shows you want to keep for later, but this is your warning.

That being said, there were so many great moments in TV this year! Things that made us laugh and cry, made us cheer and then punch the wall. It was honestly one of the best years of television in a really, really long time. And here are some of the best moments that happened (Sorry Trueblood, you just didn’t make it this year!). We will first start with some quick honorable mentions:

Honorable Mentions: The Train Robbing Episode, Breaking Bad – Jesse and Walt execute a robbery of train with amazing drama tied to it, but perhaps nothing shocked people more than the killing of the boy at the end.

Waiver Wire: The League – So, you can just pick up anything? No, that’s just stealing.

House of Lies: House Rides Away With Wilson –  House, much like Sherlock before him, cheats death and ultimately chooses his best friend Wilson. They each mount a Harley and ride off into the sunset, much like the show itself. Fitting ending for a wonderful show. (Because I sort of stole the name for a pun, I would like to make mention here of the show House of Lies. It was my favorite new show of this past year, tied with The Newsroom. Fast paced and slick, the show is funny and drama filled all in one.)

The Slow Burn: How I Met Your Mother – This entire show has been a slow burn since the start, but the story arc with Marshall’s friend coming back and going against him in the courtroom was wonderful.

Ok, time to get to the list. Starting it off with some super sad moments too!

5. The Pond’s Say Goodbye. but not really: Doctor Who – Amelia Pond, the girl who waited. And Rory, her Centurion. The most recent of the Doctor’s companions said goodbye this season in a heartbreaking way. Zapped back in time due to the Weeping Angels, the Ponds are forever gone (at least as far was we know now) and we saw the Doctor heartbroken. The saddest thing is perhaps something the creators of the show never showed us at all, an alternate ending that shows Rory’s father getting some closure after his son’s disappearance. You could find this online if you want to shed some more tears. Who knows what effects losing the companions will have on this Doctor, as we have never really seen this doctor lose any companions, but I imagine he will go the way of Bruce Wayne and hide out for 100 years or so until he is needed again. Then, he will spring back into action, solve the case of the Snowmen, find a new companion, and start showing her the ways of the galaxy! But the Pond’s will always be there, for him and for us as viewers, and maybe if we wait, like young Amy, maybe they will return someway, somehow, to be able to say goodbye.

4. Ricktatorship: Killing Prisoners and your Mother – Shane is finally killed off and all of a sudden, Rick is in charge. Rick becomes a real character and finally makes choices with rage and malice. You can see how excited I was for this season here. The best part is, this season made good on everything that it was supposed to make good on around season 2. There was action (like when they clear the prison of zombies, AND THEN clear the prison of the real living people that were left there), there were hard choices, and then there was Carl and his mother. I feel like everyone knew the mother had had go. She was over played and just holding everything back with her stupid ways. But did anyone actually see the way she went out coming?! She forced two people, one being her son, to cut a baby out of her…and then, since she died, required a bullet in the head to prevent her from returning. Who better to put that bullet in her head than her young son, with the gun she never wanted him to have?! Maybe the actor playing Carl can’t act, but the fact that he seemed completely ok with doing that was pretty unnerving too. Now, Rick is face to face with the Governor and certain doom as we pick up the second half of this season. I hope this show can keep it going!

3. “Power is Power”: The Hound leaving and the Battle of Blackwater – Game of Thrones season 2 became something really special this year. This whole season culminated with the amazing episode titled Blackwater, named after the bay in which a huge naval battle occurred. After Bronn sets the Bay on fire using an arrow to ignite the green flames of Wildfire, a battle on foot ensues as Stannis Baratheon and his army try to seize Kings Landing from King Joffery and his mother Cersei. Joffery, the coward that he is, flees from the battle and leaves it to Tyrion and Bronn to fight. Bronn and the Hound run out to fight, but the Hound, fearful of fire, freaks out and decides that serving Joffrey is no longer worth it. He tells Tyrion that he is done fighting and serving that little shit and decides to go off on his own. Tyrion and Joffrey try in vain to have the Hound turn around and fight…but The Hound just showed them that they truly have no power over him. The words of Kings are nothing but wind in the air. Like Joffery’s mother said earlier in the season, Power is Power, and in that scene, Sander Clegane, the Hound of House Clegane, had all the power.

2. Homeland finale: The Bomb –  ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Did that just happen?! Of course it did! I am pretty sure I had to pick my jaw off the floor at least two different times after watching this episode. First of all, whenever you watch a season of this show, you wonder how they will have a next season. How can they keep making Brody seem like he is playing both sides of the spectrum, and how do we keep Carrie involved even though she technically isn’t even part of the CIA anymore…Oh, well, have Brody’s car blow everyone up that matters other than Saul! That would do it! David Estes, stupid Flynn, and everyone else in the CIA is now out of the picture. Brody is publicly known as a terrorist and back on the run, and Carrie put him there. Her mission now is to clear Brody’s name before Quinn can catch Brody and off him. How amazing will that battle be in the woods of Canada? Quinn chasing down a Marine who has done nothing but survive? Yes please. This show just keeps getting better and better. I cannot wait for 2013 to see what happens. (Episode 5, which takes place mostly as an interrogation of Brody might be one of the best single episodes of TV ever, and to watch the actors act and to see Brody finally admit what he is, was beyond powerful. That is a super close runner up.)

Brody and Carrie share a moment right before the bomb goes off…

1.  “You’re a Fucking NEWSMAN Don!”: The Newsroom – No other moment in TV this past year was as heartwarming, goosebump inducing, and stand up and cheer with the characters as this moment from the Newsroom. The HBO show provided some really good episodes, but this one in particular will stand out for some time. After standing up to the boss and in the midst of the shooting of a congresswoman in Arizona, our protagonist Will McAvoy  becomes inspired by his colleges and decides to continue the good fight…or as he puts it, his “mission to civilize”. He does this through a series of F bombs and fist pumping moments with lines like “Feet of fucking steel!” and of course, “You’re a fucking newsman Don, and if I ever tell you otherwise, you PUNCH ME IN THE FACE!” This scene was great for so many reasons. Both Will and Don finally become characters we can care about, and Charlie Skinner (played by Sam Waterston) might have just earned a Best Supporting Actor nod. Well played Newsroom, you owned the best moment in TV this year by far.

The Walking Dead Review!

Well, this season finally ended…well, sort of. I guess it is the mid season finale, which is sort of an oxymoron…but whatever. It was a super strong season overall. Definitely the best this show has ever offered.

Need to get caught up on The Walking Dead? Here is a wonderful review by Dan Hopper at College Humor. You can find the article here, complete with some pretty funny pictures.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Recap - Image 1

Top 5 Reasons The Walking Dead Is Still Redeeming Itself!

Has this show in the first four episodes not completely redeemed itself from the first couple of seasons?! I mean it is like that kid in school that never lives up to his potential and then finally gets in a club or sport and blossoms…not that I know what that is like. Here is the original article I wrote about how this show was going to redeem itself. It can be found here.

Anyway, back to the task at hand; Here are 5 reasons why this season, and the past episode of this show, is the best yet.

5. Still getting rid of characters – Holy cow! Who is going to die next?! This is starting to turn into an awesome show because the stakes finally feel real. Anyone can die at any time. Game of Thrones will have to start taking notes soon. Laurie and T-Dogg were the ones that bit it in this episode (See number four). Also, is it strange to anyone else that when T-Dogg, the only black guy in the world these days, dies the show somehow replaces him not but 5 scenes later with a new black dude?! I found that to be a little funny…

4. Laurie’s exit – Wow, that was an emotional scene. I do not care what your thought’s on Laurie were before this, but how powerful was that moment when she talks to Carl and just knows that not only will she die, but her son will have to shoot her again? Her character is finally justified for two seasons to make that scene, which honestly could be one of the single greatest moments this show will ever offer. The flashback to Rick talking to Carl was also brilliantly placed. Also, did anyone actually see Carl shoot his mom?? Just saying…

3. The Governor – I know it is only a matter of time until this dude kicks some major human and zombie ass. Michonne will be the first to go I guess, which is sad for me. She seems like a complete bad ass. But she is well on her way to being the first example of how the Governor deals with people. This dude obviously doesn’t take shit from anyone and he has a bigger agenda than simply “protecting” his small little town.

2. Daryl and his brother, Merle – First of all, Daryl is still my favorite character on this show. He is quickly becoming eclipsed by number one on this list, but for now he is still awesome. I have been informed that these two are not in the comics either, which make them fascinating characters that are able to operate outside of the source material. Daryl might have become Rick’s right hand man, but it will be cool to see what happens when Merle is introduced back into the group and forces Daryl to choose between his family and, well, his family of survivors. I cannot wait until that situation arises to see what Daryl will end up doing…my money is on killing his brother…

Daryl Dixon (TV Series).jpg

1. Rick Grimes – Has any character ever redeemed himself as much as Rick Grimes? And I am not talking about just in a story way…I am talking about in an acting way as well. Rick was one of the worst characters ever on TV for awhile there. But all of a sudden he has turned it around. Maybe it was because Rick was “the good guy” and he had a counter part, Shane, who was “the bad guy”. Those two characters were two opposite halves of the same exact guy. So taking Shane out of the equation, Rick has finally become a human being who has to feel and react like a normal human would in these intense circumstances. And viola, all of a sudden we care! Rick has already started to break down after hearing about Lori’s death and he surely is about to go on a rampage. Will Rick resent his (or Shane’s i guess) kid for taking the life of his (friend-zoned, last I checked) wife? What about Maggie for cutting her? Or Carl for (possibly) shooting her in the face? Fact is, we do not really know how Rick will react, and that, my friends, is for the absolute best. I am excited to see what happens going forward!

What do you think of the show so far? Any good or bad that you feel like bringing up? Leave them in the comments below!

Top 5 Reasons “The Walking Dead” Will Redeem Itself This Season!

The Walking Dead is an AMC show based on a graphic novel (which I have not read) about a band of survivors struggling to make a life after the zombie apocalypse. The show has had some brilliant moments, but often times tends to wade in mediocrity and even drifts into down right boring. After watching the episode this past Sunday though, I feel like this season might redeem the show as a whole. Here are five reasons, with possible spoilers:

5. Carl is no longer a nuisance – There might not be a more annoying kid on television that Carl…Well, maybe that stupid boy from Once Upon a Time…but still, Carl was annoying. What was even more annoying was Rick and his wife always having to worry about Carl. STAY IN THE DAMN HOUSE CARL! You are stupid and annoying and no one likes you! But that was then, and now Carl is turning into a little bad ass. Dude wields a gun with efficiency and is even hitting on chicks. Well played Carl, well played. I am starting to warm up to you. Keep up the good work and you could go a long way to redeeming your self and the show.

No longer that little turd that wouldn’t stay in the damn house!

4. Daryl Dixon – This hillbilly, redneck racist turned good guy (or almost good guy) played by Norman Reedus is awesome. All he wants to do is survive, and he recognizes his best chance is with these goofballs. But Daryl uses a crossbow and knife to slay zombies all episode. Dude is tough, rugged, and “wont sleep in no cage”. There is sort of a weird love thing to going on with him and the grey haired lady, but whatever…When you are alone in the world, you gotta make do. Daryl does. Oh yea, he also rides around on a Harley. I cant imagine that is very gas effective, but it sure is bad ass.

See, total bad ass…

3. The black chick with the sword – Um, what the hell?! This chick is so out there yet so awesome she could single-handedly get viewers to the screens to see what she does next. First of all, she has a sword and can use it. She lops off zombie heads easier than most people can take the top off a Pringles container. She doesn’t talk much, so I have no clue what she is even doing. And, oh yea, SHE HAS TWO PET ZOMBIES WITH NO ARMS AND NO JAWS THAT ACT AS HER PETS/PACK MULES! I mean is there anything more messed up but awesome at the same time on television today?

2. The Farmers Daughter – Please refer to the picture. Enough said.

1. The Ricktatorship – Rick Grimes was sort of an honorable character through the first couple of seasons…but he wasn’t a cool one. In fact, unlike Eddard Stark or other notable honorable characters, Rick was down right boring. His will to not change was terrible and it got to the point where basically everyone realized he needed to change or he needed to die. Well, at the end of last season, he changed. And boy, I think it was for the better. After killing his best friend, Rick has turned on his wife and now leads the band of survivors with action and decision instead of monologues and hours spent contemplating. If you need any proof of that, check out the first episode of this year. The opening scene is all action and no words, the second scene, where they clear out the yard, is not only fun to watch but it is fun to watch Rick! Never in the show before was it fun to watch Rick, and after he clears the yard and puts down his rifle and flashes that smile, you know everything is not only in control, but everything is going to be good. If his mentality stays like this, the show will redeem itself…Also, HE RIPPED OFF A DUDES FACE AFTER RIPPING OFF A HELMET!

For what it is worth, I think this show in particular has some of the most wonderful posters. They are doing something right at least as far as advertising goes. Anyway, what are your feelings on The Walking Dead? Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments!