93 More Costumes To Look At!

Here is a link to 93 more costumes from this past weekend to look at. Here are some quick examples:













From Dorkly.com.

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NFL Players as Star Wars Characters!

NFL.com put together a photo essay comparing NFL players to Star Wars characters. The link is here.

If you needed any other reason to check this out, just know that they called Tony Romo the Jar Jar Binks of the NFL!

Interview With George Lucas!

This really put my mind at ease! I am really happy for this move to be honest. Bring on more Star Wars!


Top 5 Star Wars Characters I Would Love to See in Episode Seven!

Ok, so by now most have you have seen that George Lucas sold his company, Lucas Film, to Disney. He sold it to the tune of $4.05 Billion dollars. Seriously, what would you buy if you had $4 billion dollars?

Anyway, that is not the biggest news of the day. The biggest news is that Disney is already announcing that they are going to shoot for a release date in 2015 for Star Wars Episode Seven! Star Wars Episode SEEEEVEN! It just sounds weird. Here is the thing, it can’t be any worse than The Dark Knight Rises or Prometheus or Avatar, so let us just be excited instead of in outrage.

Disney can learn from George’s blunders. They can, for instance, get a film maker to make the movies, not a Sci-Fi writier. Remember when that happened and Empire Strikes Back was amazing? Perhaps that can happen again!

Assuming that they wont recast Luke and Han and Leia and stuff, they will need to jump the timeline. Or perhaps focus on the parallel of what was happening. Either way, there will need to be a boat load of new characters introduced. Here is my list of top 5 characters I hope they introduce in the story of Star Wars:

Dash Rendar – Dash is a human smuggler. Most of you would know Dash as the protagonist from the video game Shadows of the Empire. Dash is sort of like Han Solo, but without the touchy-feely side that Han has. Dash had a crazy life, starting early off with his parents refusal to sell their company to the evil Prince Xizor. Xizor eventually got the Rendar’s exiled and that is how Dash grew up. He became known as a hot shot pilot and smuggler and eventually gained his famous ship, The Outrider. Dash worked with his loyal droid companion Leeboo and navigator Eaden Vrill.

He doesn’t want to owe anybody, doesn’t want anybody to owe him. He works for whoever pays the most. He’s downright magic with anything that flies, and he can pick wing nuts off a tabletop with a blaster without scorching the finish. He’s a good man to have at your back when the going gets hot—as long as your money lasts.“―Lando Calrissian, on Dash Rendar

Grand Admiral Thrawn – Oh cool. The Rebels blew up another Death Star and are laughing and dancing in the forests of Endor. All is right in the galaxy…WRONG!! There are still ships and armies and everything scattered across the galaxy. The Empire is not even close to being dead! In fact, it is still the largest force out there. And who is going to lead them? Why, this blue devil. Meet Grand Admiral Thrawn (who’s real name, by the way, is Mitth’raw’nuruodo). Thrawn’s command style as considerably different from that of Darth Vader and other typical Imperial commanders; instead of punishing failure and dissent, Thrawn promotes creativity among his crew and accepts ideas from subordinates. He is a tactical genius who has made extensive study of military intelligence and art, and is willing to retreat instead of making a stand in a losing battle. Thrawn is a hell of a commander and one that will be a wonderful antagonist to the New Republic. I cannot wait to see him in action.

This one is constantly thinking, analyzing, strategizing. He showed no fear, but was curious, studying me in turn.“―Emperor Palpatine

Mara Jade – Mara Jade is such a huge character that I could not possibly begin to start with her story. But I will do my best to shed a little bit of light. Mara was originally the Emperor’s Hand, a secretive assassin who carried out Palpatine’s bidding. Following her master’s death, Mara stayed hidden until the Thrawn War, where she reemerged and attempted to kill Luke Skywalker. That proved to be a little more difficult than she could have imagined. However, something happened she did not expect. Mara slowly warmed to Luke, first joining his Jedi Academy and then becoming romantically involved. The two were married at a time when the war against the Imperial Remnant was all but over. Unfortunately, a new war started…One that would see Mara deal with the next person on the list…

I’m a fighter. I’ve always been a fighter. The few times when I have been at leisure, I’ve been miserable. I want challenges, I crave them.“―Mara Jade Skywalker

Jacen Solo – Ok ok ok, so everyone knows Han and Leia get together at the end of the Return of the Jedi. But not everyone knows what happened afterwords. Han and Leia end up having 3 kids. They had a set of Twins, Jaina and Jacen Solo, as well as a younger son Anakin. They were born into a war torn world. Peace was not prevalent. All three kids were strong in the force, but after (SPOILER!!!!!) Anakin is killed, Jacen doesn’t cope well. Always conflicted about the need for violence and his own pacifistic leanings, Jacen was forced to make many hard decisions during the war. The death of his brother Anakin and his capture and torture by the Vong drove Jacen to the brink of the Dark Side. Jacen seemed to come back from the brink, achieving unity with the Force and helping bring an end to the war. HOWEVER, his story doesn’t end there. The Dark Side tainted him. It stuck with him. It never really let him ago. Ultimately, he fell, like his grandfather before him. Jacen turned to the Dark Side and became Darth Caedus. Like Vader before him, Caedus became a tyrant responsible for endless bloodshed and suffering. Lucky for the universe, his twin sister Jaina stayed with the Jedi becoming a Jedi Master in the new order. The twins ended up fighting one another, with Jaina cutting down her twin brother.

Bossk – Alright, will they put Bossk in the new movies?? Probably not. Would I love if they did? Absolutely. Bossk is a Trandoshan bounty hunter who has a score to settle with Han and Chewie. Bossk was one of the bounty hunters that you saw in The Empire Strikes Back who was commissioned to capture Han and bring him to Lord Vader. Obviously Boba Fett beat him to Han. However, that doesn’t seem to matter much to a Trandoshan. Bossk, who — as the son of the leader of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild — was literally born into the career he followed. Bossk’s first act after his birth was to eat his unhatched siblings, so you can see he is a bit of a psycho. With a particular hatred for Wookies (especially Chewbacca) and abilities that make him a formidable foe, Bossk has a well-deserved reputation as one of the galaxy’s most dangerous bounty hunters. Bossk has the ability to regenerate body parts, like a lizard (just look at him) and has the strength to match a wookie. Basically, he is a total bad ass. I hope we get to see some of him in the new movies.

You can’t pay enough for a bounty hunter of my expertise.“―Bossk

So, I am sure plenty of people are outraged and upset with all this new information. For me, I am excited to return to the world I love so much and get to see these characters come alive again! I just pray they do a better job than Episode I!

Here Are Some Awesome Halloween Costumes!

The Chive has compiled a list of some more awesome Halloween costumes…and to think that Halloween is actually tomorrow! Enjoy the full list here.